Underworlds Blogs

A great source of competitive insight and detailed tournament reports from Aman Khusro.

Hexes and Warbands

A team of UK writers produce a variety of articles, deck reviews, and tournament reports.

Steel City Underworlds

A Warhammer Underworlds Blog focusing on Zarbag’s Gitz.

No Gitz No Glory

A local Underworlds website for Czech players!

Czech Underworlds

A great source of competitive insight, hobby progress, and detailed tournament reports from John Wynne Rees.

Can You Roll A Crit?

A great source of in depth looks and math breakdowns of particular cards by Stephen Vann.

Call it Shadespire

A source of articles, interviews, and other content from a player in Dubai.

Rob Goes Shadespire

A source for new player guides, resource lists, article library, and game data. No longer updated.


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