Underworlds Event Data

Below you can find the accumulated faction data from as many Warhammer Underworlds events that we can get the data from (the spreadsheets may view best from desktop view).

Our goal here is to get as large a view of the current meta as possible. The results will only be as complete as the data we are able to obtain, so the more events we can include the better. We will automatically gather all complete data from the below sources as we are able to.


If we missed an event, or you have an event that was not on these sources but you have the data available, feel to let us know via the email on our contact page and we will add your event.

Also, let us know if there are any other stats that are worth tracking and we will add them if we can easily do so.


We plan to keep this up to date as much as possible.

Current Data:

This is the data for the current "Meta" of Underworlds events. This meta will begin with the release of the Krushas and Blade-coven Warbands on August 22nd 2020 and end the next time there is a product release or FAR update. . 

Warband Representation:

Below are the representation numbers for each warband in the data collected, sorted by the most popular. 

Warband Performance:

Below are the performance numbers for each warband, sorted by the most popular warband. 

The stats we are looking at are as follows:

  • Number and Percentage of Players: This shows how many of each warband are in the data. If there were exactly the same number of each warband, the number would be 4.17% for each warband (100% divided by 24 warbands) so any warband with a higher number than that can be considered popular. 

  • Win Rate: What percent of their matches they win (wins divided by total number of matches). Taking draws into account, the average would be about 49%, so anything higher that would be considered good. 

  • Average First Round Loss (or Draw): The average round a warband reaches in a tournament before losing. The higher the number the better. The average number would be about 1.95, so anything higher than that would be considered good. 

  • Events Won and Percentage of Events Won: This is how many events each warband won, and what percent of all the events they won. 

  • Events Win Rate: This is what percent of a warband's players won the event they went to (number of warband players divided by the number that won an event). The average number changes based on the number of players and events, but can be seen in the Totals / Averages row. Anything higher than that would be considered good. 

  • Top 4 Placing: This is the number of times a warband made it into the top 4 of an event. Keep in mind that many events are small (6 players, etc) so this number is nice to have but can be skewed because of that. 

  • Top 4 Conversion: This is the percent of the players that made it into the top 4 that actually won the event. Anything Above 25% would be considered good. 

Previous Data:

You can view the data from previous quarters by clicking the button below.

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