Announcing: Path to Glory Website and WoP Blog Transition

Hello Underworlds fans!

Jonathan "WiggleFish" here. If you somehow didn't know, as well as running this website, I am also part of the Path to Glory Podcast with my co-host Aman Khusro, Underworlds tournament addict and the writer of the excellent Hexes & Warbands blog, where Aman writes competitive focused articles and event breakdowns. It was his writing on that blog, and my writing on the old version of this site, the WiggleHammer blog, that brought us together for the podcast, where we focus on competitive gaming, player development, and community growth.

The podcast has been a great adventure over the last year or so, and as a next step to that project we have decided to consolidate our blogging efforts into a single website/blog where we will combine our creative efforts to continue to provide the best Underworlds content we can.

So, we are happy to announce that is now live, and you should expect a lot more Underworlds content there very soon, starting with our reviews of the Direchasm season tomorrow!

What does this mean for Well of Power? For now, it means I will be writing any of my regular personal blog content (event stats, math hammer articles, and so on) on the Path to Glory blog. All of my older posts will also be moved to that feed in the next few weeks, so anything you might be looking for from me can be found there as well.

I intend to keep the rest of the site (Deck Guides, Content Library, Image Gallery, Warband Info, Resource lists, and so on) mostly the same for now as a general resource to players that find it useful, so if you want to continue to submit articles, images, or deck guides, feel free to continue to do so :-)



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