January Warhammer World Grand Master's Championship Grand Clash Data Breakdown

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Here is the data so far on the January Warhammer World Grand Master's Championship Grand Clash!

All of this data if from the event in BCP. You can view all of this here. If you notice any mistakes here, let me know.

Some event information:

This is the Grand Master's Championship event, meaning the winner gets their travel expenses paid for to go to the 2020 Grand Masters Final at the NOVA Open 2020.

It is a two day format, with 4 rounds (best of 3) on the first day, and a cut to the top 16 players. Due to the number of players at the event, about half of these players should be 4-0 (Win/Loss) after the the first day, and the other half will be the highest scoring of the 3-1 or 3-0-1 (W/L/Draw).

Warband Representation in Day 1:

All warbands are represented except for the Godsworn Hunt and Garrek's Reavers.

Here are some charts showing this data in another way:

Round 1 Data

Here are the results for round one!

Note: It looks like a Gitz player dropped the event, so they have been removed from the numbers.

Here are the numbers of players with no losses at this time:

Round 2 Data

Here are the results for round two!

Note: It looks like 1 Farstrider player may have dropped.

Here are the numbers of players with no losses at this time:

Round 3 Data

Here are the results for round three!

Note: I realized I had a Lady Harrows player marked as a Thorns. The below info is correct now.

Here are the numbers of players with no losses at this time:

Here are the top 17 undefeated players going into round 4:

Round 4 and Day 1 Complete Data

Here is the completed data for round 4, and the entire day!

Here are the number of players with only wins, and the top 16 cut of warbands:

As you can see, 8 players were able to make it through the 4 rounds with only wins, and even though they were not able to make it the whole day undefeated, 5 Grymwatch and Cursebreakers players were able to make the cut on tiebreakers, as were 1 of each Thorns and Lady Harrows.

Here are the players that made it to the top 16, and their records:

If for some reason any of these players aren't able to make it to day 2, these players will move up:

Some interesting results in this event:

  • The top 8 players went 4-0, but only the player in first place lost 0 games during the event.

  • Two players went 3-0-1, drawing in the final round, which resulted in both of them making the cut!

  • Of the 3-1 players, a staggering 9 had only dropped the 2 games in the match they lost, meaning the 6 that made the cut had to have the highest glory differential.

  • The highest playing Shadespire Warband was Grand Clash winner Jimmy in 34th place with Magore's Fiends.

  • Thorns of the Briar Queen were the clear winners of the day, with an overall win-rate of 71.88%, an amazing first round loss overage of 2.44, and a staggering 25% of all Thorns players going 4-0.

Warband Percentages by Position:

Thanks to Jimmy for giving me the idea for this section, below you can see the warband numbers from the event separated into three groups: Warbands that did better than 2-2, warbands that went exactly 2-2, and warbands that did worse than 2-2. Each group is about 45 players, or 33% of the warbands at the event.

The 45 players that did better than 2-2:

As you can see, of the players in the top 33% that had a better than equal average showing, a whopping 51% were made up of either Thorns of the Briar Queen and Grymwatch. After that, Cursebreakers and Lady harrows made up another 26%, and the rest of the warbands made up about 22%.

You can also see the warbands numbers based on release:

The 46 players that went exactly 2-2:

Here are the warbands that had an even score for the day, making up the middle 33% of the field:

By release:

The 47 players that did under 2-2:

Here are the warbands that had lower than 2-2 score for the day, making up the lower 33% of the field:

By Release:

Percentage of each warband in each group:

Below you can see what percentage of a warband's players ended up in each group:

Warband vs Warband Data:

For the first time, I've also calculated the win rates of each warband against each other warband for this event. Below you can see the stats for each warband against all of the other warbands.


  • Many of the results are simple "No Data" because those warbands did not play each other at this event.

  • A warband will always go 50% or worse (because of draws) against itself.

  • I've marked percentages that are under 50%, exactly 50%, and over 50% Red, Blue, and Green, respectively.

  • Draws count against your win rate, because they are not wins.

Steelheart’s Champions - Only 2 players. and unfortunately did not win any of their 8 games

Sepulchral Guard - Only 1 player, and unfortunately did not win any of their 4 games

Chosen Axes - Only 1 player

Spiteclaw’s Swarm - 4 Players, who seem to have fared particularly poorly against Snarlfangs, but held their own against other top warbands.

Ironskull's Boyz - 2 players

Farstriders - 2 players

Magore's Fiends - 5 players

Cursebreakers - 13 players

Thorns of the Briar Queen - 16 players - Truly staggering results

Zarbag's Gitz - 5 players

Eyes of the Nine - 1 Player

Mollog's Mob - 1 Player - Unfortunately didn't win any games

Thundrick's Profiteers - 11 players

Ylthari's Guardians - 3 players

Ironsoul's Condemners - 2 players

Lady Harrow’s Mournflight - 18 players

Grashrak's Despoilers - 9 players - They really seem to like fighting Gitz, as long as they aren't on Wolves.

Skaeth's Wild Hunt - 9 players

The Grymwatch - 21 players

Rippas's Snarlfangs - 11 players

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this event breakdown. If you did, great! If there is anything I can do better the next time, let me know!

You can see the data for day two here!

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