Las Vegas Open 2020 Grand Clash Data Breakdown

The Las Vegas Open was this past weekend, so here is the data from the event!

You can see the results of the day on Best Coast Pairings here.

Normally I try to make these breakdowns while the event was in progress, but since I was actually at the event, that would have been very difficult.

Event Format

The event was a one day Grand Clash with 4 rounds, then a cut to the top 4 players. Once cut to the top 4, it was a single elimination format where any player that lost a match was knocked out. All matches were best of 3. You can read the entire event packet here.

Warband Representation

47 players participated in the event, and played 11 of the 22 current warbands. Below you can see their numbers and a couple charts to illustrate the warband representation.

Although there are many warbands missing, I consider this representation to be a good picture of the current Beastgrave competitive meta, with most players taking a warband that they hoped they could do very well with.

First 4 rounds

The first 4 Swiss rounds account for most of the data, so here are the stats from those rounds:

Pure Win-Rate:

Win rate isn't everything, but these numbers are probably about what could be expected. Thorns and Grymwatch had very similar showings around the 65% mark, with Mollog just behind them at 62.5%.

Thundrik's, Cursebreakers, and Rippa's all had above 50% win-rates, and Wild Hunt had a 40$ win-rate.

The 2 Lady Harrows players at the event did not do as well as other Harrows players have recently, but the small sample size and length of time they have been available in the USA compared to elsewhere may be contributing factors.

Win Streaks and Average First Round Loss

Below you can see the percentage of each warband's players without losses or draws in each round:

The average percentage if only half a warband's players won their games each round would be 50% > 25% > 12.5% > 6.25%, so you can keep that in mind when reviewing the above numbers.

Here is the "Average First Round Loss" number for each warband at the event. The higher the number, the better.

Overall Stats:

Here are the overall numbers, ranked from best to worst and marked by their colors.

Progression to top 4

At the end of the 4 rounds, there were 3 undefeated players. Those players, and the highest scoring 3-1 player made it into the top 4. You can see the progression below:

Top 4:

Here are the top four players in order of their position after the 4 rounds:

Here are the semi final match-ups:

Here are the results of the semi final and the final match-up:

And the Winner is...

This marks the 3rd Grand Clash win for Grymwatch since their release!

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