New Well of Power Feature: Picture Gallery!

I'm happy to announce a new addition to the Well of Power resource site: The Picture Gallery!

What it is:

The picture gallery is a page on this site where you can upload and share your cool underworlds photos!

Some bare bones examples! I am sure yours will be better!

Basically, this is a place where anyone can upload their photos of warbands, display boards, or anything else underworlds related. Once an image is submitted, users can view the images in the gallery and filter the results by the warband they want to look at.

I see posts a lot looking for cool painting ideas like "show me your cool X warband" a lot, and this is a way to get a lot of those images in one place already.

Like most of this site, this will only be as cool as the community makes it, so if you have any cool photos, consider adding them!

How to use it:

Using the Picture Gallery is pretty simple. You can find the Picture Gallery in the Content Library option of the main menu:

Once you are there, you can scroll through the pictures, or use the search bar and warband drop-down to filter the pictures you want to see. To see a picture in a larger view, just click it!

If you are logged into the site and want to add your own picture to the gallery, you can click the "Upload Your Own Picture to the Gallery" button (rumored to be the longest button on the internet).

The upload page looks like this:

The warband drop-down selection is ultimately hidden, but is how users can filter your image. The title will be shown below your image, and a longer description can be seen below that. Once you hit "submit" there will be a short review period, and then the photo will appear in the gallery!

If you want to edit your photo description, or remove the photo from the gallery after the fact, you can! Just go to your name at the top of website, and choose the "My Gallery Photos" option.

From there you can edit the original description of the image, and check the box to hide the picture from the public gallery. Once you are done making changes, hit the update button.

Thanks for reading!

This is a new feature, so it likely has room for improvement. If you have any ideas how to make this better, let me know!

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