NOVA Open - Day 2 Update

Here are the results of the second day and third round of the NOVA Open Grand Clash, which happened last night.

You can find the results of the first day here, and all the data on the event as always at Best Coast Pairings here.

Current Undefeated Warbands:

* = The competition was so close in the third round that 2 of the 6 sets of undefeated players (2 Cursebreakers, 1 Thorns, and 1 Profiteers) drew their games, reducing the number of players without losses from 12 to only 8, but only 4 with 3 wins.

Warband Overall Win Rates So Far:

Current Top 8/21 Players:

Here are the current top 8 going into the 4th round.

Due to the format of the event (cut into pods of 8 on Sunday based on rankings after the 4th round, then play 3 more rounds) all of these players will need to win their games in order to secure their spot in the top 8 cut, or risk being out scored on tiebreakers by any of the 13 players that are currently 2-1 that win their 4th round.

That's it for now.

If there is any other data you'd like to see, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


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