NOVA Open - Day 4 Update

Here is the final part of the NOVA Open Grand Clash data breakdown/coverage.

Here are the posts about days one, two, and three:

The Top 8 Cut:

After the 4th round of the event on day 3, the top 8 consisted of the following players and warbands:

Rounds 1 and 2 of the final:

The pairings for round 1 were as shown below:

  • On table one, Ivan Cho would have a chance at a rematch from round 4 vs Dean Bilz.

  • On table two, Jonathan Davis (me! lol) and Gerard the Professor would play the warband mirror match to be the last profiteer in the running.

  • On table three, Aman Khusro and Jimmy Molini would play their own spell fueled mirror match.

  • On Table four, Max Bernstein and Victor Szafranski would face off, pitting the communities two most hated warbands against one another.

An hour and a half later, Dean, Jonathan, Jimmy, and Max emerged victorious and the contest for the top spot continued between four of Nightvault's most successful Warbands with three fewer Cursebreakers and one fewer Profiteer in the running:

  • Dean's undefeated Thorns faced off against Max's terrifying troll.

  • Jimmy and Jonathan faced off, pitting magical might against deadly dwarven technology.

Once the smoke cleared, only two players remained. After a close 2-1 match Jonathan was able to defeat GenCon Grand Clash winner Jimmy, while Dean's had continued his event long, 6 match win streak against Max.

In a truly impressive showing, at this point Dean had 6 match wins and had only dropped a single game against Ivan Cho in the 5th round of the event.

The Final Round:

The final round of the event was now between Dean and Jonathan, who had already lost to Dean in the third round, but had a manged to make the top 8 cut in 7th place, and was back for the rematch (to make things even more dramatic, Jonathan was currently 0-2 vs Dean, having also lost his match vs Dean in the final round of the ATC Grand Battle team event, though his team was able to carry him to victory despite the match loss).

After a tough 3 games that went right to the time limit, Jonathan emerged victorious 2-1, making this the first time the Thundrik's Profiteers had won a Grand Clash since their release!

{Editor's note: Since I happened to win the event it feels sort of odd doing the reporting on it, so I hope none of this seems too "yay me" lol. It was a truly great experience for me, and I played seven great games with wonderful people. I really couldn't ask for more from the event, and I hope you enjoy this coverage.)

Event Stats:

Below you can see the overall stats for the event:

Warband Representation:

Overall Win Rates (W/(W+L+D)):

Rounds Undefeated (note that draws don't count as being defeated):

And that's it for the NOVA Grand Clash coverage. I hope you enjoy these sorts of articles, an please let me know if there is anything I can do to make them better going forward.

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