Product Review: Morgok's Krushas

Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of the Morgok's Krushas expansion to review, so here we go!

What you get in the box:

Like the previous Warhammer Underworlds expansions for Beastgrave, this box comes with the warband models (3 big beefy Orruks!), warband fighter cards (3 in this case), 12 faction objective cards, 10 faction gambit cards, 10 faction upgrade cards, and 27 universal cards that any warband can use consisting of 9 objectives, 9 gambits, and 9 upgrades.

As usual, the models look great! Here are some pictures of the sprues (each side):

Honestly, the way games Workshop manages to fit these models onto the sprues and fit them together in such characterful poses only continues to amaze me with each release, and the Krushas are no exception.

These orruks are very large, and Morgok even has a kind of internal support piece to help stabilize all of his pieces. In general, I didn't feel the need to use glue on Morgok or Thugg, though I did use a little on 'Ardskull to make sure his arms stayed locked in to their spots. I also found that one 'Ardskulls legs (the one he is standing on) connected to the sprew in an odd way so that you had to trim the excess off just right in order to fit the models together snugly, but it was not that tricky.

Here are the instructions on how each model fits together. I did notice that the 'Ardskull instructions on page 2 and 3 have his smaller arm piece (#20) connected in picture 3a, and then have you put #20 on again in 3b, but it didn't really cause any issues in putting him together.

All in all the models went together nicely, and they look great!

As usual, there are two packs of cards. Here is the special flavor card that comes with the warband:

I would absolutely recommend this product from a hobby and gameplay perspective. The models look great and the Warband is a very powerful addition to the current Beastgrave meta.

Thanks for reading!

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I am very grateful to Games Workshop for allowing me to review this product.

If you liked this review, great!

If there is anything else about the content of the box I can cover next time, or think I missed anything, let me know for next time!

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