Product Review: Morgwaeth's Blade-coven

Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of the Morgwaeth's Blade-coven expansion to review, so here we go!

What you get in the box:

Like all of the Warhammer Underworlds expansions for Beastgrave, this box comes with the warband models (5 hairy ladies), warband fighter cards (5 in this case), 12 faction objective cards, 10 faction gambit cards, 10 faction upgrade cards, and 27 universal cards that any warband can use consisting of 9 objectives, 9 gambits, and 9 upgrades.

As usual, the models look great! Here are some pictures of the sprues (each side):

Model wise, these are some of my favorite so far in the Underworlds range. They are so detailed and have some great poses! Khamyss is hands down my favorite of the bunch with the great jumping whip pose. Morgwaeth is also very cool, with hair for days.

Assembly wise, these models are some of the easiest to fit together I've assembled so far as far as fitting together, but I strongly recommend being extra careful while snipping the pieces out of the sprues as some of them are very thin and would not take too much pressure to break, and would likely be annoying to fix afterwards. The two places I advise the most care here would be on Khamyss' whip, and on Morgwaeth's spear (I would start clipping out her body, then the spear to avoid as much bending as possible). Once clipped, just be careful where your fingers are as you are pushing the pieces together.

Here are the instructions on how each model fits together. I found them very easy to follow with no tricky models this time other than needing the care mentioned above.

All in all the models went together great, and they look amazing!

As usual, there are two packs of cards. Here is the special flavor card that comes with the warband:

I would absolutely recommend this product from a hobby and gameplay perspective. The models look great and the Warband is a very interesting aggro addition to the current Beastgrave meta.

Thanks for reading!

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I am very grateful to Games Workshop for allowing me to review this product.

If you liked this review, great!

If there is anything else about the content of the box I can cover next time, or think I missed anything, let me know for next time!

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