Product Review: Primal Lair Terrain Set

After playing a lot more cam games recently on the Path to Glory Twitch channel I decided to upgrade my Underworlds board a bit with the Beastgrave "Primal Lair" terrain set.

Until recently, I have sort of been in the camp that the terrain for this game was A) truly optional, and B) Likely to just get in the way. Part A) might still be true, but I was recently swayed on part B) by seeing them on the table of another player in one of my cam games, which prompted me to put together the Nightvault Arcane Hazards terrain set I received as a part of the prize package at 2019 Nova open. After a few games, I found I really enjoy having these pieces on the board after all!

So, today I bought this item (with the help of a GW gift card I had from Christmas, thanks Mom!), and I figured I would put an article up about it since I think it's something that a lot of people might not have considered before.

Primal Lair

As you can see from the box, the Primal Lair terrain set comes with six pieces of terrain in two different sizes. Five of them are single hex terrain, and one is a double hexed piece.

The pieces for these terrain features are generally very large, and can be seen in the below slide sow.

The models went together very easily, and I didn't need to use glue for any of them (though i might add some later before I prime them. Everything fit well, and the only one that sort of confusing was the Star Wars' sarlac pit-esque lethal hex marker with the four arms. I think the arms only fit in one way, so I recommend dry fitting them, and taking a close look at how they fit together before taking out the glue.

The instructions were very clear, and can be seen in the below slideshow:

All in all, I am very happy with this kit, and am excited to get them painted in the near future as well.

Even without paint on the recent releases yet (I have undeniably been slacking in the paint department!) I think these terrain pieces add a lot of Beastgravey (Beast Gravy?) flavor to the game board.

Notably, the lethal hexes can fit models on top of them with the exception of the big smoke/gas cloud, so i think they could even be used as the lethal hexes themselves in games without board lethal hexes (the smallest one from the Nightvault Arcane Hazards kit is also great for this).

From the Arcane Hazards set

Weirdly, the largest terrain piece doesn't match any of the current Beastgrave boards, but it is great for adding some Beast-Gravy (yes!) flavor to the older Nightvault and Shadespire boards with connected blocked hexes.

The rest of the pieces are more straightforward but flavorful, and I am looking forward to figuring out how these pieces best fit on each of the boards I like using.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this quick product review! I enjoyed making it, and if you also decide to upgrade your underworlds game board with terrain, I hope you like them as much as I do!

If you already have these models painted, I would love some ideas if you want to share the photos!

Finally, if there is anything better than I can do for these reviews, let me know!



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