Product Review: The Wurmspat

Games Workshop was kind enough to send me a copy of The Wurmspat expansion to review, so here we go!

What you get in the box:

Like the previous Warhammer Underworlds expansions for Beastgrave, this box comes with the warband models (3 in this case), warband fighter cards (3 in this case), 12 faction objective cards, 10 faction gambit cards, 10 faction upgrade cards, and 27 universal cards that any warband can use consisting of 9 objectives, 9 gambits, and 9 upgrades.

As usual, the models look great! Here are some pictures of the sprues:

I especially noticed that the sprue layout for this warband is very well designed. I am constantly impressed with the clever ways the model designers fit these models together with only pegs so they do not need much or any glue to fit together, and this warband is no exception. I especially thought the way they connected Fecula’s hair and head to her model was very cool. Most of the seams where the model pieces fit together are very well hidden, which is great.

Only Fecula has a noticeable seam at the top of the model, but it fit together just fine for me. The models were also very easy to put together compared to some of the previous warbands, and the instructions were very clear for all three models.

Here are the instructions:

Although I don’t think you have to use glue, I would recommend using a small amount of plastic glue to hold the larger pieces together, especially for the pieces were a seam may be noticeable. I don’t glue them to the bases though, because I find it easier to paint them without doing so. Also, when I put these models together I usually trim the pegs down a little bit to ensure they fit together correctly well with no gaps, so you might find that useful as well.

As usual, there are two packs of cards. Here is the special flavor card that comes with the warband:

I would definitely recommend this product from a hobby and game-play perspective. The models look great (and gross!) and are easy to put together, and the cards are a great addition to the current pool of universals.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to read my tactical / competitive review of this warband and their faction cards, you can read about them here!

I’ve also written an initial deck guide for how I plan to play this warband here!

If you’d like to read a review of the universal cards in this release, you can read about them here!

I am very grateful to Games Workshop for allowing me to review this product.

If you liked this review, great!

If there is anything else about the content of the box I can cover next time, or think I missed anything, let me know for next time!

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