This week in the Underworlds: Content you might have missed.

There always seems to be something going on in the Underworlds.

One of my favorite things about this fantastic game is all of the awesome content it’s fans put out, and every week it seems like more and more players join the “content creators” club, adding quality content, raising the bar for underworlds content, and inspiring others to join them.

If you missed it, here are some of my favorite things that happened in the last couple weeks:

The Blogs were busy:

It’s been a great couple weeks for Podcasts too:

  • A new podcast was launhced this week! The guys at CRITDEF released their first episode covering their time at ATC and their thoughts on the current meta going into the end of the Nightvault Season. Give them a listen on Podbean, and hopefully find them soon on iTunes and podcatchers too (I know it took us a few weeks for it all to process).

  • The guys at the BattleMallet Podcast released another episode as well, talking about the recent changes to the current meta as the NOVA open grows near and their hobbying intensifies.

  • Over at Path to Glory, Aman and I were joined by David Cutts, the TO for the upcoming SoCal Open Grand Clash, to talk about what we want from competitive events (also keep an eye out for another episode coming out soon covering Aman’s GenCon experience!).

  • The What the Hex?! guys released a great episode on rules of thumb and best practices to keep mind as you play.

Youtube has been VERY busy:

We also had one Community Deck Guide posted:

I think that’s it for now. This is likely more comprehensive than I plan on making these posts going forward, but keep an eye on this page to regular updates with Underworlds content you might have missed. If you like this sort of post, let me know.

You can find everything I’ve mentioned here and more at the Well of Power Content Library if you are hungry for more content. Also check back regularly for new content, as it is updated daily.

If you’d like to write your own deck guide, you can do so here. I’m sure we would all love to read it!

If you know of any cool underworlds content that I missed, let me know. The more the better!

If you are a content creator and want me to add you to my resource pages, please reach out. The goal is to have everything Underworlds in one place. If you’d like content added to the content library, you can submit it here.

This website is still in “beta” and I plan to make it much better as I have time moving forward. If you have any ideas on what it can do better, or want to help out some way, please let me know.

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