Warband Review: Morgok's Krushas

Updated: Aug 16

Welcome to my review of the Morgok's Krushas Warband! Most of the images here are sourced from the Warhammer Underworlds Facebook page, or the Warhammer Community website.

We’re all waited a very long time for the last two warbands of the Beastgrave season, and for greenskin fans, I think it’s been worth the wait.


Morgok’s Krusha’s really are everything we could have dreamed of when it comes to Waaagh!-centric warbands. If anyone remembers Ironskull’s Boyz, this warband is sort of like that, except there are only three of them, but they are all a lot more like Gurzag than they are Hakka and Basha!

Out of the box, this is an aggressive warband with some truly amazing warband cards, great stats, the ability to flex as needed into other playstyles.

Some of their strengths are:

  • 5 wounds on all three fighters.

  • Some of the best ploys in the game.

  • A few very strong surge objectives.

  • Great inspired stats.

  • A reliable inspire condition.

  • They give up very little glory.

Some of their weaknesses are:

  • A little slow off the bat with only 3 Move.

  • Hard to inspire more than one fighter in the first round.

  • Hard to be in too many places at once with only three fighters.

  • No ranged attacks.

  • Low accuracy on two of their uninspired fighters.

The Fighters:

Morgok’s Krushas have a lot of things in common, so we’ll cover these qualities first:

Base stats: All of the Krushas are Move 3, 1 Block, 5 Wounds uninspired, and go to 4 Move on their inspired sides.

In many ways, having 5 Wounds on three fighters is this warband’s biggest strength. As most of you probably know, killing fighters in one shot is very important in Underworlds, and most warbands have a hard time getting to 4 wounds (which is why health upgrades on 4 wound fighters are so strong, and damage upgrades like great strength are so useful). Having 5 wounds means that most warbands will have to spend at least 2 attacks to kill your fighters, which is a big deal.

Move 3 is probably one of this warband’s biggest weaknesses, but can be helped with ploys, and 4 move once is helpful as well. 1 Block is nothing to write home about, but is decent enough given how much health they have.

Inspire Condition: All of the Krushas inspire once they have two or more Waagh! counters on their fighter card.

How do Waaagh! counters work? Well, the main way the Krusha’s gain Waaagh! counters is by making attack actions during their activation. Each time they do, whether the action is successful or not, they gain one Waaagh! Counter on their fighter card. This means that in most games, they will inspire after making their second attack action.

It is important to note that they only gain these counters for attacks made during their activations, not from attack actions made with Gambits and so on, but if you want to speed this up (and you probably do!), the Krushas can also gain Waaagh! counters from certain Gambits and Upgrades.

Each fighter and some of their cards also have ways to spend Waaagh! counters to gain special abilities. Using these abilities before you inspire your fighters will slow down the inspire, but once they are inspired, you can use the abilities more freely.

That is most of what the fighters have in common, so now let’s take a deeper look at what makes each one different.


Morgok is the leader of the warband, and the most powerful of the three uninspired fighters. Similar to his green cousin Gurzag, but angrier, Morgok has a 1 Range, 2 Smash, 3 Damage attack action. Once inspired, he also gains an attack dice re-roll, but unlike Gurzag, his attack changes to 3 Fury. Given his other base stats, this makes him a real force to be reckoned with, and the fighter that is likely to do most of the heavy lifting in the early stages of most games.

He also has a fighter card action that allows him to remove one Waaagh! counter to do what is basically his own version of the Varclav action, and push each of your other fighters up to two hexes. Because it is an action and requires Morgok to have a Waaagh! counter, I do not see this ability being used very often, but it’s a neat ability to have.


‘Ardskull is the hard hitter of the group, though he can take a little while to get going sometimes. Uninspired, his aptly named Gore-Basha attack action is Range 1, 2 Fury, 3 Damage. This is not the most accurate of attack actions, but will hit most targets about 40% of the time, and kill most of the things it hits.

Once inspired, ‘Ardskull really begins to shine, especially vs high wound fighters, due to the Gore-Basha changing to 3 Fury, and gaining the ability to spend any number of Waagh! counters to boost the damage of an attack by that number. This means that with the right number of counters, ‘Ardskull can one shot pretty much any fighter in the game. It is important to note that you need to choose to spend the counters before you roll, though, making accuracy cards and abilities useful for ‘Ardskull.

Against smaller targets, inspired ‘Ardskull also gains a Scything attack, Range 1, 2 Fury, and 2 Damage. This attack isn’t amazing, but can be useful vs some of the larger warbands.


Thugg is the final fighter for the Krushas, and makes Hakkas and Basha’s everywhere very jealous with his Range 1, 3 Fury, 2 Damage Smashas attack action. This attack is solid in the first round, great if you have support, and useful for killing smaller fighters, or for softening up larger ones early in the game.

Once inspired, Thugg’s Smashas attack action does not change, but does gain the ability to spend Waaagh! counters in the same way as ‘Ardskull, except that it gives +1 Dice per counter instead of Damage. This ability makes Thugg’s attacks incredibly reliable, and makes Thugg very scary with a few damage upgrades.

Overall, this warband is hard hitting, hard to kill, and only gets stronger as they gather Waagh! Counters. This all feels very orky to me. Greenskin fans everywhere rejoice (and I haven’t even gotten to their cards yet)!


Morgok’s Krushas have a great set of faction cards compared to pretty much any warband in the game. Their faction only deck is probably one of the best in the whole game, and competitively, they have a few great objectives cards, SO MANY good ploys, and a couple upgrades that really bring the warband to a whole new level.

Below I will rate the cards from 1-4 with the following thoughts behind each rating:

  1. I can’t think of a good reason to ever include this card in a deck

  2. I think this card may see play in a very specific deck, but won’t be common.

  3. This card will be common, but might not be in every deck.

  4. This card should be in every deck for this warband

Of course these are just my personal thoughts on these cards. If you think I got a rating drastically incorrect, or misunderstood a card in some way, please let me know why!


Overall their objectives are solid. Their end phase cards are mostly scorable, but a bit under-powered in the effort to reward ratio, but they have decent number of cards worth considering, and at least two very easy surges.

Avalanche of Aggression - Score this in an end phase if there are more surviving friendly fighters than surviving enemy fighters. 1 Glory.

Not a reliable card in most match-ups, and only 1 glory. My Rating: 1

Brute Triumph - Score this in an end phase if all enemy fighters are out of action. 5 Glory.

I am not a fan of any of the “kill everything” cards as they tend to be very win more, and there are universal versions already. I don’t expect this to see much play. My Rating: 1

Brutes is the Best - Score this in an end phase if your leader is the only surviving leader.

1 Glory.

A usable but not reliable card. Score-able in a faction only deck, but shouldn’t see use otherwise. My Rating: 1

Called to Waaagh! - Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if there are six or more Waaagh! counters on friendly fighters' fighter cards. 1 Glory.

A very slow card, hard to score in the first round, but probably free in the second round. I don’t think it will see much play, but works okay in a warband card only deck. My Rating: 2

Good Day's Work - Score this in an end phase if there are more enemy fighters out of action than surviving enemy fighters. 2 Glory.

The first “good” card, this one should be scorable in most games during the second or third round if you are playing aggro, depending on the matchup. I think I would play this card in any deck without another 3rd end phase card, or quasi-third end phase cards like To the End or Aggressive Strategy. I might even take it with one of those, but never two. My Rating: 3

Got it, Boss - Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if your warband holds one or more objectives in enemy territory. 1 Glory.

A really amazing Surge card, perhaps one of the easiest to score in the game. This card opens the Krushas up to objective play in a big way along with similar universals and the Now Wot? warband card below. My Rating: 4

In their Element - Score this in an end phase if each surviving friendly fighter is Inspired. 1 Glory.

A worse Fired Up, but fairly likely to score at some point. I think there are probably some better cards out there, but it’s worth being aware of. My Rating: 2

Might of the Orruk - Surge: Score this immediately when a friendly fighter's Attack action with a Damage characteristic of 4 or more succeeds. 1 Glory.

A decent card, but unlikely to make the cut of 6 surges as it requires cards or an inspired ‘Ardskull reaction attack. My Rating: 2

Now Wot? - Surge: Score this immediately after an activation if your warband holds two or more objectives. 1 Glory.

Their own version of the new card Hidden Purpose, this card is amazing, and combines with Got It, Boss, Swift Capture, and Bold Conquest, and Hidden Purpose in very silly ways. My Rating: 4

Orruk Kunnin' - Surge: Score this immediately when you play your third or subsequent gambit in this round. 1 Glory.

A solid surge card, especially if you have any card draw in the deck. Very likely to see play. My Rating: 3

Proppa Rumble - Score this in an end phase if four or more fighters are out of action and/or have wound tokens. 1 Glory.

Fairly reliable once the game gets going, but low glory. Worth considering, but I suspect there are better options. My Rating: 2

Waaagh! Unleashed - Score this in an end phase if you removed four or more Waaagh! counters from friendly fighters' fighter cards in the previous phase. 1 Glory.

Fairly hard to score before ‘Ardskull and Thugg get inspired, and low glory. My Rating: 1


This warband has what I think is the best set of warband Gambits yet! They really have a little bit of everything, and almost nothing that is obviously unusable.

Berserk Fortitude - Reaction: Play this during an Attack action that targets a friendly fighter, before the deal damage step. Remove any number of Waaagh! counters from that fighter's fighter card. The Attack action has -1 Damage for each counter removed (to a minimum of 1).

This card would be great for any warband, but is truly amazing for this one. The default 5 Wounds, plus the ability to reduce by the number of Waaagh! counters (which you will almost always have 1 of) makes this one of the best cards in the game when it comes to keeping your fighters alive and messing up your opponents damage math. My Rating: 4

Berserk Strength - Reaction: Play this during a friendly fighter's Range 1 or Range 2 Attack action after choosing a target. Remove any number of Waaagh! counters from that friendly fighter's fighter card. +1 Damage to that Attack action for each counter removed.

This card is basically a card version of 'Ardskull's Waaagh! ability with slightly different wording. It's a bit of a gamble since you have to play it before like are rolled, but it is very nice for boosting the damage of Morgok and Thugg, or even 'Ardskull in a pinch if he isn't inspired yet. My Rating: 3

Brawling - Choose one friendly fighter adjacent to one or more enemy fighters. Place one Waaagh! counter on the chosen fighter's fighter card.

This card is "bad" mostly because of how good some of the Krusha's other cards are. Waagh! counters are nice to have, but the adjacently requirement is a bit too restrictive, and there are better ways of getting them. My Rating: 1

Brutal Attack - +1 Dice to the first Attack action made by a friendly fighter in the next activation. After that Attack action, place one Waaagh! counter on that fighter's fighter card.

This card is more what we are looking for when it comes to Waaagh! counters. +1 dice is nice, and the ability to ensure one of your fighters inspires after that first charge is very nice as well. A great way to make 'Ardskull more accurate before he inspires. The main question is if it's better than taking cards like Haymaker, but I think it will see a fair amount of play. My Rating: 2

Brutal Kunin' - Reaction: Play this after a friendly fighter's Move action but not during a superaction. That fighter make an Attack action.

This is a nice card to have, but it is worth noting that the attack action does not generate Waaagh! counters because it does not take place during the fighter's activation. Because of this, and the need for push cards to help make not having a charge token worth having, I don't think this card will make it into every deck, but it's not bad either. My Rating: 3

Brutal Reprisal - Reaction: Play this during an Attack action that targets a friendly fighter and succeeds, before the drive back step. The friendly fighter cannot be driven back, and makes an Attack action that must target the attacker.

This is a very powerful card for Krushas because of how unlikely they are to die in one hit, and combos very well with the surprise damage reduction from Berserk Fortitude. A weaker card in ranged match-ups and control builds, and not a way to generate Waaagh! counters, but very strong none the less. My Rating: 3

Eager Advance - Choose one friendly fighter and push them 1 hex. Place one Waaagh! counter on the chosen fighter's fighter card.

I really like this card. Because of how strong push cards are in general, I think would be taking sidestep in my Krushas decks even if this one did not exist (and I still might!), but being able to push one and gain a Waaagh! counter is even better, especially in the second round if it means pushing next to a target and inspiring before making an attack action. My Rating: 3

Kunnin' Brutality - Reaction: Play this after a friendly fighter's Attack action (but not during a superaction). Push them up to 3 hexes.

The timing on this card (before you score surge objectives) is what makes this card a great one, as it allows you to charge, and then push your fighter onto an objective to score cards like Now Wot?, Swift Capture, Hidden Purpose, and so on. You can even push onto the objective your target was holding. It can also just be good for positioning, and combos very well with other push or attack cards to help this warband make fewer charges and move attack actions (the key to the success of range 1 aggro warbands). My Rating: 4

Power of the Waaagh! - Choose one friendly fighter and roll two magic dice. For each roll of Focus, Heal (1) the chosen fighter.

This is a decent heal card, but unlikely make the cut in most decks, as it's usually better to just stack more wounds than heal, and ploy slots are valuable. My Rating: 1

Waaagh! Energy - Roll one magic dice for each surviving friendly fighter. On a roll of Channel place one Waaagh! counter on that fighter's fighter card.

I don't like how you can't control where the Waaagh! counters go with this card, but if you feel like you really need more Waaagh! counters, you might consider it. My Rating: 2


Most of the Krushas' upgrades are low to average in power, but there are one or two that orruks everywhere will want to get their hands on.

Berserk Whirl - Reaction: After this fighter's activation, Scatter 2 from this fighter's hex and push them 1 hex along the chain. If you cannot push this fighter into an empty hex, nothing happens.

I don't think this card is better than Duellist's Speed, and it is restricted to 'Ardskull, so I don't think it will see much play. My Rating: 2

Brute Charge - Rolls of Smash and Fury are successes for this fighter's Range 1 Attack actions made as part of a Charge action.

This is a solid card that I think will see some play in metas where there are not better accuracy cards, or the best ones are restricted (we have a lot of accuracy options right now). If you are tired of Potion of Rage being blocked by reactions, you might even take it now. My Rating: 3

Brute Swing - This fighter's Range 1 or Range 2 Attack actions have Knockback 1.

Knockback is sadly never really worth teching into, so i would give this one a pass. My Rating: 1

Incredible Bellow - Action: Pick one: push all adjacent enemy fighters up to 2 hexes, or push all other friendly fighters up to 1 hex.

Actions are so valuable that I cannot see this ever being worth taking when Morgok already has his fighter card action. My Rating: 1.

Inured to Pain - When this fighter is dealt damage, reduce that damage by 1 (to a minimum of 1).

This card is sooooo good for this warband. Having 5 wounds is already amazingly hard to kill, and with this upgrade, it is very unlikely that most warbands will be able to kill a full health fighter. My Rating: 4

Keen Choppa - This fighter's Range 1 Attack actions have Cleave.

Cleave isn't ever worth an upgrade slot, and restricted to Morgok makes it even less worthwhile. My Rating: 1

Seething Hatred - You can re-roll any number of attack dice in the attack rolls for this fighter's Attack actions that target a fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or more.

Since Thugg isn't great at killing 4 wound fighters in the first place, and is already pretty accurate, I don't think this is worth taking. My Rating: 1

Vengeful Glare - Reaction: After an Attack action that targeted this fighter, place one Waaagh! counter on this fighter's fighter card.

I think by the time you have this upgrade equipped in most games, it's very likely that at least your most important fighter will be inspired, and you wont need it anymore. My Rating: 1

Vessel of the Waaagh! - Action: Place one Waaagh! counter on the fighter card of each friendly fighter within 2 hexes.

I think this ability is too slow. Once you have glory for it, and an activation to spare, you probably don't need Waagh! counters anymore. It's really the first two that are most important per fighter, and you can probably get those elsewhere. That said, it does give out a lot of counters, so maybe it could see play in some kind of passive build? My Rating: 2

Waaagh! 'Eadbutt - Weapon: 1 Range, 2 Smash, 2 Damage - Remove any number of Waaagh! counters from this fighter's fighter card before making the attack roll. +1 Damage to that Attack action for each counter removed.

Because this attack is worse than most of the Krusha's regular attacks, I would rather just take upgrades that buff those. If i did want weapons, I think there might be better ones. My Rating: 1


It is actually hard to pin-point the general strategy for the Krushas because they are so amazingly strong stat and card wise, which means they can really do anything.

I think they will likely do best in the current card pool with a kind of flex build that relies on easy surges and aggressive disruption vs warbands that might be able to outscore them, with one or more big 3rd end phase card objective such as Avatar, Tomes, or To The End. You could probably lean harder into control or aggro as desired, and at the end of the day the raw power of this warband's stats and cards will help propel you to success.

Krushas are a warband that I expect will quickly join the ranks of warbands with restricted faction cards, because right now they seem to have all the tools they need to compete at the highest tier with very few weaknesses other than their speed, which is mostly made up for in a control build by being the default winner in many match-ups, or being able to wade through the larger warbands that can't hide from them.

I also expect other players to tech their decks against Krushas to some extent in the near future, since it seems unlikely that most events will not have a number of them in the top spots. I won't be surprised to see a bit more of Transfixing Stare, Gloryseeker, and perhaps even Giant-Slayer in the meta to come.

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to see how I would play this warband in the current meta, check out my initial deck guide for them here.

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