Warbands Unbound - Intro Deck Series

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Below are a number of basic deck guides for all of the Nightvault and Beastgrave expansions.

These decks consist only of cards found in the Warband box plus cards from the Power Unbound card pack, and are aimed at giving new players a good starting place to learn the faction and understand the basics of the game without having to buy too much right away.

Be aware that these decks do not hold up against decks made of full collections, and will be unlikely to win any tournaments, but they are good for learning the game, playing casually against similar decks (such as faction only Dreadfane or Beastrgrave Decks), and can act as a starting point for deck evolution as you obtain more cards.

These deck guides are linked below, and will always be available in the deck guides library.



If you find these guides helpful, great!

If you want to make guides of your own (for competitive play, new players, or anything else) you can do so here!

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