Welcome to Well of Power.

Welcome, Warhammer Underworlds fans.

Jonathan Davis (AKA WiggleFish) here.

As a continuation of my other Underworlds content creation (like the WiggleHammer blog and the Path to Glory podcast I do with Aman from the Hexes and Warbands blog) I have started this website.

I am calling it "Well of Power: The Unofficial Underworlds Resource" and my goal is for it to be a resource and hub for information about this great game, mostly or entirely replacing the WiggleHammer blog, but also being much more than that.

As well as being the home for continued occasional blog posts and articles by me, Well of Power will also be home to:

  • As complete an article library as possible of all Warhammer Underworlds articles across the internet and the ability for users to submit any articles we might have missed.

  • A collection of user submitted deck guides for both the tabletop and online game.

  • As complete a list of Warhammer Underworlds resources as possible.

  • The ability to host articles written by users that may not want to create a blog themselves.

  • A forum where people can discuss the game.

  • Anything else that the community might find useful.

At this time the site is still in its testing phase, so if you have any ideas for what can be done better, want to help in some way, or anything else, please let me know.


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