Well of Power Content Update #1

Hello Everyone,

This is the first update for what has been going on this week on Well of Power.

Let me know if you find these useful, as the the goal is make as much Warhammer Underworlds content available to everyone as possible.

Deck guides:

A number of deck guides have been added since the recent BAR4.0 update:

If you like these decks, try them out! If you do, be sure to let the author know what you thought in the discussion posts.

If you have a deck that you have been having success with and want to share it, you can create or own deck guide here (requires sign in).

Web Content

A lot of content creators posted content this week, most of it about the new Banned and Restricted list, and the new Dreadfane box and warbands.

You can check out all of the most recent content in the library here.

If you know of any recent content that is missing, submit it to the library here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this helpful!

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