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Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The Snarlfang fighter cards have leaked and I was wondering how accurate the wolf attacks actually are.

Here are the fighter cards:

On first glance the wolf attacks seem...not that great. Before jumping to conclusions though, I figured i'd do the math on it.

Lets start with Rippa attacking a 1 Block fighter with both attacks.

Below, I've shown the math for each possible combination of hitting or missing with each attack, and broken down the different percentages for doing certain amounts of damage:

As you can see, Rippa is very good at doing at least 2 damage. 68% is about the same as a 4 fury or 3 smash attack, which is very good. Inspired, 82% is better than 4 smash (80%). The chance to do more than that and one shot a stormcast is much lower (16% or 28% inspired) but, it's not zero, meaning he has the highest uninspired damage potential of any fighter.

Here are the stats on the other two (Note, the 3S for the inspired attack should be 3F for fury - I did S for swords by mistake lol, but the math is right) :

Only having one damage on the Goblin attacks hurt these numbers, but they are still very good at getting at least one damage through.

Here is the complete math table for all the different defenses:

One thing to think about with these attack is you do have to choose not to push with the main attack if you want to try the wolf attack, which means if it fails, you lose out on lethal hex damage or cards like Snare and Pit Trap. If you do hit with the main attack, the chance for the second one to land is fairly small, so it may be worth just pushing the fighter if it means putting them into a lethal hex or or burning a card like Snare to get the kill. Something to think about, anyway.

Another thing is that Mean-Eye has to actually be adjacent in order to use the wolf attack, but i guess that's better than nothing.

Finally, you can choose to charge into two fighters, but this does give the enemy support, and your chances of killing both fighters is VERY small, so it might not be worth doing.

Of course cards might change some of this usefulness, but in the end I am actually pleasantly surprised at the way this mechanic works, especially on Rippa, who is VERY good at killing 2 wound fighters.

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