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Tabletop - Post HM/Wurmspat


So the first thing you need to do with this deck is to get you some loaded dice! That or just don't make sure the table your playing is bolted to the floor.


Now that we got the cons of aggro out of the way let have some fun rolling 3 dice, looking for hammers, doing 4 damage. And oh yeah.....there is NO Great Strength in here.

the deck

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I was kinda getting tired of the game. I play on a budget so I do not own all the factions. I started a few months before season 1 got rotated out. And my first Warband was Eo9. Narvia will always be my first love. But long story short I couldn't find a Warband I liked. Then around Christmas, I picked up Dreadfane (thank you Christmas bonus). I knew how good the lady was as it was being played in the local scene. So I opened Ironsouls up first and fell in love with one card....Punishing Blow!!!!!!!!.


So I knew I was going to play aggro but didn't know where to go from there. The deck started out as this healing, Charmed Life and get off my lawn type deck. Where I just sat back and let you come to me. But that's boring! So after a few games, I stood back and looked at what these guys do well?


1) They hit pretty easy on there own and are rolling a lot of dice without upgrades

2) They can take a hit on there own. 4 wounds each

3) They hit back hard on there own and knocking people around the board.


But they are still slow and relying on dice. To combat this I decided to focus more on keeping the fighters alive and doing as many attacks as you can.


The first thing about Ironsouls: never ever take objectives if you have a choice. You always want to orientate the board! Always no matter who or what your playing! I have taken the strategy of putting my objectives in no man's land and/or close to it. I can't stop you from getting on objectives so I might as well put them somewhere and be able to get to you easy. Side note if they are playing objectives and don't pay attention you can make it so there are no objectives on your side. This stops Swift Capture and anything where they have to be on my side. It will also help with scoring Denial.


For deploying you want to be as close to your opponent as you can. I make sure Brodus is the one farthest back as he goes to 4 moves when inspired (Blazing Souls tends to go on him first).


Now one of the things to remember is you have three fighters and 4 activations. So I tend to take my first activation to move or go on guard. Most of the time I move in so I can make multiple attacks with one fighter vs charging and being stuck with nothing that fighter can do. Tavian is great for this as he can us his Shield Slam to move around even more. If you can, try and stand on a objective with this first move. You can put your self in a place to score Bold Conquest, Uncontested Might while also denying objective play. And if you have Jealous Defence in your hand then you are set up for that as well.


Next you just start killing things! There are 3 cards in here that let you attack outside of and activations. With Distraction, Fulminating Blast and Jealous Defence you can get 6 attack actions in 1 round with the God Hand. The more dice you role the faster you get inspired! Spectral Wings and Pit Trap will help you get in the fight an finish it.


Now once the glory starts to role in you need to upgrade! (duh) But really the upgrades in this deck are really important. The upgrade side of this deck built to keep you alive. There are all three +1 wound upgrades you can take. You can turn Brodus in to a beast of a man or spread the love. This really comes down to each game. If he is still alive you want to use Blazing Souls on him. That way you can get his rolling for hammers Scything attack going. Enchanted Robes is great for getting in the fight or not caring about getting pushed into lethal hexes. Mandibles of the Ur-grub and Spirit Flask help to keep you in the game longer. Cryptic Companion plays into they whole first move being on to an objective. Also keep Restless Prize in the final power to help get this and the objectives that go with it. ( But also don't be afraid to use it as denial)


So where is Great Strength you might ask?!?! Well its not in here. And here is why.


1) You can kill about 60% of all the fighters in the game with out it with Ironsouls. So in most of the warbands your only worried about the leader.

2) You have to drawl it, have glory to play it, and have the fighter you put it on in place to use it.

3) You have Pit Trap for that one fighter in the warband.

4) Most of the time your can Knock fighters around. So its pretty easy (outside of ghosts) to get the fighter into a lethal for the 4th damage.

5) "Well why not for Tavian he only hit for 2 damage " yeah and he dies first...a lot. Like i said above I'm running him in first most of the time. So he tends to die before you can get in on him and use it.

6) Punishing Blow Same chance of drawling it and using it but way more fun for me. Any one can pull off GS but only Brodus can get you hammered!

Lastly) I did have it in the first deck but it just wasn't needed. I was killing most of the stuff on the board whether my fighter had it on our not. So it just sat in my hand as I wanted to get the +1 wound upgrades out first.


The Objectives kinda explain themselves. Get in the fight and kill things, keep your them off your lawn, and get an objective every now an then. Just make sure you picking and choosing where your attack!


Have fun! You're going to table people some times and going to roll all Swords in key moments other times. It's agro, sit back, make lots of attacks and enjoy people getting pissed off because you added another +1 wound to Brodus.


Also, the loaded dice would really help!


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