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Lady Harrow's Mournflight

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Jack Varnham


Tabletop - Post FAR2.0


My name is Jack and I have been playing Underworlds for ~2 years now. This deck was created over a few months (with breaks for Christmas/New Year's), playing with the players in my local challenging meta. This deck rewarded me with my best ever competitive finish, with a 5th place finish at Grand Clash January 2020 at Warhammer World, winning all 4 of my Day 1 games, and being knocked out Day 2 at the cut for top 8.

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deck building guide

I built this deck in response to the Hold-Objective heavy meta of the competitive scene, and it began with Distraction, Frightful Aspect, and Call of the Grave as the lynchpins to disrupt the endphase scoring that these decks tended to be famous for. This was then enhanced with the release of Mischievous Spirits in the Gift Pack, and the addition of Chilling Scream to prevent your opponent responding to your pushes. The main issue was survivability of the Banshees before inspiring (low wound count being the main problem), and this has been mitigated by adding cards such as Great Fortitude, Veil of Grief, Sudden Growth and Survival Instincts to keep your fighters alive long enough to score your objectives. All of your objectives are passive and do not require successful attacks, but one of your fighters inspired with the Tome of Offerings is a force to be reckoned with, and this deck can score 25+ glory if facing a horde warband with an early Tome equipped..


This deck suffers against decks which stay away and score passive glory (Cursebreakers with spells) as this also tends to have lots of spells which cause damage while ignoring one of your greatest strengths (2 defence dice) and with a low wound count you become very vulnerable very quickly. To mitigate this I have added Spectral Wings, in favour of Enervating Sorrow as this wasn't reliably denying ploys as often as I'd have liked.


This deck is reliable, and simple to pilot, but will require you to deploy quite agressively to score your objectives, so can be a risky strategy if you throw fighters forward into a headlong surge without any way of protecting them. This warband has given me some of the most tactical games of Underworlds I have ever played, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to pick up the Mournflight for the first time, to give a new outlook on a warband which have only been released for a few months.


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