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Tabletop - Post Arena Mortis


Soooo I know it might be a bit too late, but I still wanted to write a deck guide, and this deck has been the most successful one for me so far.

I've used this deck during Vassal Clash V, which was amazing, thanks to Shoobie and Benny! I've managed to get into top-8, and then got kicked out rightaway, hehe. Still, 5th place is pretty neat, especially for a player with little competitive local scene.

This deck suits Gitz Da Best, but you could easily pull it off with Thorns or Skeletons, by simply changing a few surges and upgrades.


the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

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deck building guide

This deck is a lot of fun, but i'm feeling a bit ashamed for using basically no faction cards. Originally I was running Obliterated, but no, it does not work too often, as there ususally are better things to do rather than activate Snirk.

This deck is based on getting onto as many objectives as you can during one or two turns (with correct placement, you could easily do 4 in 2 activations) and then hoping that opponent will roll your dice worse than you. do. Or that you would get Neat reactions XD.

You shall also MAKE SOME NOIZE with Drizgit and The Boys, and, of course, Snirk, hehe

NOTE: after some more playtesting, I've realised that you may want to run Perfect match or Uncontested instead of Tactical Supremacy, as it will add more glory in total, which is critical. Gitz score easily, but they might let the opponent score more because of numbers.


Good and bad match-ups:

It runs smoothly against any horde warband, just manage to fit into time limits... (playing against Martin really makes you think a lot tho)

It does not play that well against elite agro, especially the Snarlfangs (in current condition). If you do get Perfect match into the deck, it will become much better. You will easily get all of your objectives, but you are most likely getting wiped out, and it usually ends up with opponent having 1 or 2 more glory than you do. So that sweet 4 glory points will definitely help you A LOT.

Starting hands:

The only brick hand you may want to discard is combo of Petty Vindication, Fired Up (still scorable tho, Snirk is best) and Absolute Stillness. Not worth it, smh. Pretty much any other combination is fine, you might even want to keep a 3 end phase hand. Standart advice for power hand, just don't keep 4 upgrades in first hand.

Board selection:

If you get 3 objectives, definitely run Shattered refractor, it's an obvious choice. You may also use the Mirror Well and the Whatever Stardial. Penitent's throne could also be nice.

If you get the boards, you have to set up AGRESSIVELY. Yes. This is a suicide mission. The Shattered tower, the Mirror Well, and Shrine of the Silent peope is your choice.


You want to have Snirk and Drizgit with the Boys adjacent to each other upfront, as you will need to rush them all to enemy territory in one activation. Don't forget to inspire Snirk, this might win you rounds and block some crucial windows.

Everyone else's position is completely your choice. I prefer to set Prog and Zarbag closer to enemy, Prog is underrated imo XD

Now to the most important part.

The best thing to do in your first activation if Snirk is still alive (which is great luck actually, hehe) is to scurry him and Drizgit with Boyz. You shall put Drizgit on an enemy objective with squigs somewhere nearby, sometimes even close to enemy, while Snirk goes to your objective and inspires after that. That potentially scores you Show of Force, Swift Capture and Hidden Purpose first activation. You might want to put a squig next to an enemy to get Martyred. If you instead have Steadfast defender, you shall put the boy away and let opponent attack Drizgit.

Fot your next activation, you need to scurry around (sometimes even with charging, why not) and get your guys on objectives. If you managed to get some of them earlier due to sidestep, restless prize or naughty spirits, it's fantastic, as it sets you up for Absolute stilness. Aaaaand that's it. You can attack for the rest of your activations. DON'T FORGET YOUR REACTIONS. Buried instinct and Griveous Riposte are gamechangers.

To get you tactical supremacy and swift capture before inspiration, you have Shifting reflection (use it before your activation) and Faneway Crystal (don't forget to scurry).

Don't forget to use tome of glories, it may help you with inspiration a lot. Don't put it on same fighter that has Cryptic Companion.

Daylight robbery is the best, just be nice and apologize to your opponent, as he might get very annoyed.

Drizgit and Zarbag are the best for giving them attack upgrades.

Aaaaand that's it!




I know it's kinda late, but I still wanted to make a guide for this deck, as it made my dream of getting my build posted on underworldsdb come true. Again, it can actually be run on Skeletons, Ghosts, Grymwatch, maybe Despoilers.

Let me know your thought on dicord (banana_boy_222#0451) or here.


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