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This deck is designed to play to the extreme side of control, meaning you are playing to deny your opponent opportunities to score glory while enabling yourself to score glory unhindered. This strategy is reflected in the card selection and enhanced by the Gitz enhanced defense when inspired as well as the Ability to deal unblockable damage with Snirk Sourtounge.

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This deck originally came about after the release of Mollog’s Mob. With the sudden need for cards like rebound, cruel taunt, frozen in time and transfixing stare, the control archetype really began to take shape. My goal was to find out which faction did it best and provided the greatest challenge while also making a fun play experience.


I look back at my time during Nightvault and best describe it as the Victory After Victory, Combination Strikes and Superior Tactician era. Rarely do I make a deck now that doesn’t include these 3 cards. They reward you for what you’re already going to do and they can’t be countered like alone in the darkness and they make your score immediately cards even more rewarding. In addition to these cards I ask myself “Can this warband reliably score keep them guessing?” Either through Actions on fighter cards or multiple faction cards that allow additional actions, and if the answer is yes then I take keep them guessing, because it provides a great way to earn guaranteed glory and with the Gitz in particular it’s a two for one with Drizzgit’s action to move himself and two squigs or for a goblin to charge next to another goblin who can use Scurry to move.

With my end phase cards selected, it was time to look at score immediately cards that this warband can perform reasonably well.


Shortcut: One of the gems that managed to slip through the latest BAR unrestricted. This card can be scored in the power step without any successful roll or counter available outside of Forceful Denial. There are a few cards to take to get this to go off and it’s worth holding onto them until you draw this objective.


Branching Fate: This card has a ~45% Success rate anytime you’re rolling 3 dice. It’s not an auto include, but if you can reasonably roll 3 attack or defense dice with a few fighters then it’s worth the slot. Gitz have 5 fighters that attack with 3 dice once they’re inspired, and Snirk Sourtounge has 3 dodge once inspired which can be after the first activation. There are also two upgrades to take your inspired 2 dodge to 3 dodge for additional chances to score this card.


Calculated Risk: Although this card is restricted it is one of the easiest cards in the game to score and the faster your Gitz reach 3 glory to inspire the better they will all survive.


Warning Shot: Your archer boys suck, but this card makes that a positive rather than a negative. Roll two dice needing fury and pray for no crits. Bonus points for shooting a target you used Frozen in Time on as your attack can’t deal damage and therefore auto fails.

Martyred: This just makes sense, you have plenty of two wound fighters and someone is going to die, may as well get a glory for it. Bonus if you run through two lethal hexes and kill your fighter for Calculated Risk and Martyred.


Obliterated: This card is a personal choice,I like to go ham with Snirk like he’s Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball, but this card can be a dead card if Snirk is killed, or there are no enemies around, or if you flub your scatter roll and slam into a wall. So feel free to substitute this card if you have a lower risk tolerance.

Change of Tactics: One of the best objectives in the game. Doesn’t require a dice roll to succeed and has synergy with keep them guessing.

Finally I came to the point where I couldn’t find another score immediately that I wanted to take, and Escalation was still on the table so I took it and reached my cap on restricted I’m more than happy to spend my restricted slots on only objectives post the recent BAR, because objectives win you games by providing not only the score, but also the currency to equip upgrades and your inspiration mechanic for the Gitz.


Cards to consider for swapping:


Miraculous escape: matchup dependent but reasonably scorable with Gitz multiple dodge dice and last chance/rebound.

Supremacy/Our Only Way Out: These are great passive scoring cards that reward you for objective play. But they can be predictable, countered and with Ylthari’s Guardians it’s not unrealistic for objectives to disappear altogether.

Mad Scurry: Great objective considering your faction mechanics, but a bad card to draw late and your fighters have to survive the round.

Gambits and Upgrades:

Cruel Taunt, Forceful Denial, Frozen in Time and Transfixing Stare are your control cards. Use them to shut down an enemy leader like Mollog or Stormsire. Frozen in time prevents fighter abilities like Varclav’s push or Skritch’s ability to return a fighter. Cruel taunt can also cripple fighters like Snirk that gain significant advantages when inspired.


Hidden paths, Shadowed Step and Confusion provide re-positioning tools while also scoring Shortcut.


Rebound and Last Chance help you survive and potentially cancel an enemy’s killing blow, stopping their glory gain and keeping your fighter alive.


Center of Attention can be used defensively to set up a mass scurry or pull enemies off objectives, while also being useful offensively to set up Snirk for his ability or pull an enemy into a lethal hex.


Spectral Armor and Acrobatic help you survive and score branching fate. Duplicity is a great thing to have because you’re more likely to see at least one of these every game. Same for Tome of Vitality and Great Fortitude (recently added after BAR update to replace Sudden Growth and Deathly Fortitude)


Tome of Glories and Formless key provide small glory gains to help late game totals.

Faneway and Quickening Greaves help set up formless key and tome of glories while also being a great escape tool.


Crown of Avarice is insurance for any model likely to be taken out of action in the immediate future, even better after the FAQ.


Bag of Tricks: This card gains significant value in a control deck because any of your control cards can be game changers, being able to dig for that perfect counter is what helps this deck perform competitively.


The Gitz can be a scary opponent when piloted well but they can also be unforgiving when the game goes poorly as the bleed glory and drop like flies. It’s best to use Snirk as your Hammer and let Drizzgit and his squish be your shield. Others have written about board selection for the Gitz and I’ll leave that up to the reader to play around with, but for the most part you limit your opponents ability to reach you by setting up in a long or diagonal set up. Utilizing blocked hexes to prevent line of sight for spells and ranged attacks while ensuring you have at least one lethal hex for calculated risk. Let Drizzgit be your front man so that you’re opponent has a hard target to take down from the start. Keep Snirk back if you start with Shadowed step or Hidden Paths in your starting hand, but otherwise keep him towards the front but don’t expose him before he inspires.

The only bad starting objective hand is on where you draw Victory after Victory, Combination Strike and Superior Tactician together, which will brick your glory gain completely and you’ll want to pitch this objective hand. When this happens it’s not game over, it just means your glory ceiling is lowered but that’s where formless key and tome of glories can come in handy.


In conclusion the Control Gitz is a deck designed to shut down your opponents most powerful pieces and slow their glory gain while actively scoring objectives yourself to get your inspire condition activated. The more you understand your opponents warband and how they want to score the more influence you’ll have over the outcome of the game, making this deck ideal in best of 3 matchups.


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