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Stormsire's Cursebreakers

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Tabletop - Post Power Unbound


This is the deck that I took with me for the Grand Clash in July. We've been sparring a bit in our local team and as a result both me and Wojtek, who went to Grand Clash with me, were unsure which warband to take. We both were choosing between Profiteers and Cursebreakers. I ended up selecting Cursebreakers who had just received quite significant changes in the recent Errata and Designers Commentary. Despite a significant shift in how I built my last iteration of the CB list (from defensive to aggressive), I did feel rather confident about how they play and my sparring games were solid.

the deck

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It is a standard fast paced score immediately deck with Victory After Victory and Superior Tactician. It is backed up by a few more passive objectives like Magical Supremacy, Escalation or Keep Them Guessing. This allows to take bit more flexible approach if the matchup wasn't favoring going all in right away.




Hidden Paths, Spectral Wings - mobility! Having movement 3 on your models requires some help in getting them delivered to where they should be vs defensive builds especially.


Ready for Action, Lightning Assault - more actions is good.


Shardgale, Sphere of Aqshy, Cry of Thunder, Abasoth's Withering, Sorcerous Flourish - the more damage the better. Even better when it's ranged one.


Abasoth's Unmaking - little tech to disrupt objective play, stop Faneway Crystal or easily inspire Averon


Last Chance - it is very easy to die as 4 wound, 1 defense, 3 move model currently. So LC is here to help a bit with 50% chance to survive the big hit.

Eye of the Storm, Arcane Familiar, Well of Power - better odds to cast all your important spells.


Tempest Might to buff up Averon's damage output. Him having 3 range and 3 damage is an important buff in your offense.


Eldritch Ward, Potion of constitution - a few more survival options for your models is always nice if you have only 3 of them.


Dark Darts - another way of scoring What Armor? and Warning Shot. Also gives a chance for your melee fighters to push opponents from objectives.


Spiritbond, Hand of Sigmar - accuracy buffs. You really want to land those attacks. Spiritbond is also a great defensive option.


Faneway Crystal - to get your fighters into action.


Tome of Offerings - more glory to Sigmar!


This list is not your usual defensive build that sits back and spams spells. Instead it's flex list that favors getting close to your enemies and killing them right where they are. Current meta is full of ranged damage dealers or high dice, high damage "rockets" that charge in to obliterate a model they can reach. So it is important to pick your fights wisely. There are 5-6 objectives in the deck that require little interaction with the opponent, so you can beef up your models before committing them into the fray.

One of the key factors of this build is the ability to kill models during power step. Thundrik Profiteers was one of the matchups I was fairly afraid of due to their good range, cleave and decent damage output. However people tend to bunch them up and this is a perfect opportunity to go into Shardgale followed by Cry of Thunder and Sphere of Aqshy/Abasoth Withering/Sorcerous Flourish. I've had several games where I would kill 3 dwarves before I even charged into one of them. This is also excellent tool to kill high value targets that hide behind high defense dice count, but have 3-4 wounds only. Softening or killing right targets before going in is key factor, as 1 defense dice is not going to do much versus some builds, like Godsworn Hunt.


The Deck has some decent source of mobility offered by Spectral Wings, Faneway Crystal and Hidden Paths. It does help getting your fighters where they are needed.

Eldritch Ward, Potion of Constitution and Last Chance are there to keep your wizards alive, however after some play, I do feel like Great Fortitude is a better pick than Potion here.


I do feel that I should've replaced Abasoth's Unmaking with Seggut's Salvo. I wasn't getting enough value out of it and extra 1 damage + push are always nice. Only downside is that 2 channel cast.


This list has potential to beat anyone - it's explosive, can remove almost any target outside of activation phase and can wait opponents out while casting some spells to buff up. It does however require setting up a proper engagements and going in for a kill with surgical precision or models will die. Loosing one Cursebreaker is a big deal in a 3 model warband. And having only 3 move makes things a bit more difficult. You however have the luxury to wait a bit, score some more passive glory and hurl hurtful magic at the enemy while he approach.


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