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Tabletop - BG Pre-Season


This guide is a part of my Warband Unbound series for the Nightvault factions.


These decks consists only of cards found in the Warband box plus cards from the Power Unbound card pack, and are aimed at giving new players a good starting place to learn the faction and understand the basics of the game.


Be aware that these decks do not hold up against decks made of full collections, and will be unlikely to win any tournaments, but they are good for learning the game, playing casually against similar decks, and can act as a starting point for deck evolution as you obtain more cards.

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deck building guide

This deck is very aggressive in nature, with a focus on magic as well. It is not likely you will score every card every game, but with a total of 20+2 (+2 from the oaths) glory in the objective deck, you only need to score some of it to be successful.


A Worthy Deed, Worthy Kill, Oath of Annihilation, Oath of Murder, Devastation, and Thin their Ranks simply need you to kill as many enemy fighters as possible. Gambits like Fearless Strike, Oathsworn Attack, Sphere of Ghur, Galvanized, Inspired Attack, Seggut's Salvo, Upper Hand, and upgrades like Chaos Boon, Encorcelled Javelin, Grundann's Path, Path to Glory, Nullstone Spear, Prized Vendetta, and Spirit Bond all help work towards this goal.


Peerless Fighter is not a card i normally like, but Godsworn throw more dice than most, so they stand the highest chance of scoring it, and when it goes off it can be game winning, so it is fine in this limited format.


Magical Aotheosis is scored by casting Enfeeble or Seggut's Salvo, which should be helped along by Spirit Sacrifice, Theddra's Path, and Arcane Savant.


Glory or Damnation rewards you for focusing upgrades on a single fighter, which you are likely to do as the game goes on.


Dark Destiny is there to try and save a fighter when they would otherwise die, and is typically worth saving for Theddra if possible.

Tome of Offerings is one of the few cards that doesn't make your fighters more deadly, but getting extra glory from kills is always a good thing. 

Cards to add with other Warband packs:


If you want to expand this deck with cards from other Nightvault Warbands, I'd recommend the following:

Starter set:

  • Great Strength

  • Determined Effort

Thundrick's Profiteers:

  • Calculated Risk

  • Branching Fate

  • Sphere of Aqshy

  • Crown of Avarice

  • Branching Fate

Eyes of the Nine:

  • What Armour?

  • Great gains

  • Abasoth's Withering

  • Fired Up

Zarbag's Gitz:

  • Faneway Crystal

  • Fighter's Ferocity

  • Pit Trap

  • Potion of Rage

Garrek's Reavers:

  • Gloryseeker

  • Martyred

  • Opening Gambit

Steelheart's Champions:

  • Combination Strike

  • Strong Start

  • Haymaker


Aggro is the way to play Godsworn in my opinion, and this deck attempts to do that as much as possible.


Set up aggressively, and try to kill the enemy quickly to rack up some glory from objectives. Scoring Warning shot with Ollo, or getting some lucky crits on Jagathra's Javelin attack (ideally helped along by Galvanized or Oathsworn Attack) for Peerless Fighter early on can help this on immensely.


Upgrades are the key to Godsworn deadliness and inspiration, so once you have a few glory you can start turning your fighters into very deadly missiles, and using your ploys to make sure their attacks go through.


Try to keep Theddra safe if possible as she is the only source of magic in the deck for Seggut's Salvo, Enfeeble, and Sphere of Ghur. Getting her to level 3 wizard with Arcane Savant can make these spells very easy to cast and will help score Magical Aotheosis.


Towards the end of the game, your goals should be to score Oath of Conquest and / or Oath of Annihilation for a big glory finish.


I think that's it for my "Godsworn Unbound" starter deck guide. Thanks for reading.


If you try it, let me know how it goes in the forum comments.


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