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Grashrak's Despoilers

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Tabletop - BG Pre-Season


This guide is a part of my Warband Unbound series for the Nightvault and Beastgrave factions.


These decks consists only of cards found in the Warband box plus cards from the Power Unbound card pack, and are aimed at giving new players a good starting place to learn the faction and understand the basics of the game.


Be aware that these decks do not hold up against decks made of full collections, and will be unlikely to win any tournaments, but they are good for learning the game, playing casually against similar decks, and can act as a starting point for deck evolution as you obtain more cards.

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Grashrak's Despoilers are an aggro / objective flex warband, and this deck reflects that.



The objective cards in this deck reward you for killing enemy fighters, being aggressive, and holding objectives.

  • Shortcut is scored by Korsh 'the Sneak' so make sure to keep him alive.
  • Warning Shot should be easy to score with either of the uninspired archers.
  • Bestial Cunning, Despoilers, and Supremacy reward you for holding objectives.
  • Blood Ritual, Proven Superiority, Stampede, and Raiders reward aggressive play.
  • Survival is to reward things going very well, or very poorly.
  • Denial is the deck's final end phase card, and rewards you for keeping the other player out of your territory.



The gambits help you make the most out of your attacks and give you the mobility you need to control the board.

  • Snare, Bull Charge, Blood Taunt, Baying Hatred, Baying Anger, and Galvanized make your attacks more reliable.
  • Vile Invaders, Sidestep, and Two Steps Forward, give you the mobility to score your objective cards.
  • Berserk Bellow allows you to push enemy fighters off objectives or into lethal hexes.



The deck's upgrades mostly make your fighters more dangerous or harder to kill.

  • Spectral Armour, Heedless of Pain, and Great Fortitude help you keep your fighters alive a bit longer.
  • Prized Vendetta, Spiritbond, Bloodcrazed, Savage Bolt, and Great Strength.
  • Blazing Soul lets you inspire an important fighter early.
  • Trophy Taker helps you get more glory from your kills.



If you want to expand this deck with cards from other Nightvault Warbands, I'd recommend looking into some of the following:



  • Martyred
  • Opening Gambit
  • Gloryseeker


  • Pit Trap
  • Potion of Rage


  • Calculated Risk
  • Crown of Avarice


This deck plays with a mix of aggro and objective holding.


The Despoilers are a fragile but fairly hard hitting warband. The goal of this deck is to hit the enemy hard at the beginning of the game, scoring surge objective cards and getting kills in order to clear the way for holding objectives.


Grashrak is the leader, and a fairly reliable fighter with his 2 smash 2 damage attack. You want him to stay alive, however, in order to score Proven Superiority and Blood Ritual, so be careful who you charge him into.


Draknar is a very powerful fighter with a 3 damage attack, and should be used as a missile to kill the scariest of the enemy fighters. Use accuracy ploys to make his charge count, as it is unlikely he will survive very long.


Murghoth is the third of your decent fighters, and should also be used aggressively early in the game. Use accuracy ploys to make his attacks count and soften up a target for Draknar or Grashrak. He is also a hunter, so try to combo Snare with his attacks.


Ushkor and Gnarl are not very good at fighting, but can do some damage in a pinch with the help of ploys, and are great for standing on objectives while the rest of the warband does the fighting. When you have warning shot, try to charge onto an objective, miss and score it. The enemy will have to decide if it's worth attacking your weak fighters and remove them from the objectives, or attack the more deadly fighters.


Korsh is your way to score Shortcut, and grab objectives that are on the edge hexes. If you pick the first board, you should always make sure to place the last objective on an edge hex.


I think that's it for my "Grashrak's Unbound" starter deck guide. Thanks for reading.


If you try it, let me know how it goes in the forum comments.


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