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Tabletop - Post HM/Wyrmspat


Welcome to my initial deck guide for Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers!


I see Hrothgorn’s Mantrappers are a very flexible warband with a number of strategies over to them. This deck is what I would consider to be an Aggro/Control deck, with a focus on killing enemy fighters and disrupting the enemy’s strategy. It’s worth noting that I think you could flex into objectives more than I have here, or focus more on destroying objectives than on just moving them around, you would just need to shift some cards around.


If you enjoy playing Mollog, Hrothgorn is a similar but different take on the concept of having one very powerful fighter. If you hate playing Mollog, this may be different enough to spark your interest, since his other fighters do interact more than the squigs, and Hrothgorn’s inability to break the rules of Move and Charge tokens requires a bit more strategy to play.

the deck

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This is what I consider to be an Aggro/Control style deck, though you will notice it contains some interaction with objectives (but only up to 2) as well.




The objective deck is built around Hrothgorn aggressively pressuring and killing the enemy while the other fighters hold objectives and provide support as needed.


Calculated Risk, Fired Up, Opening Gambit, Solid Gains, and Brought to Bay are easy cards to score while you go about your game plan.


Butchering, Hunter's Feast, Brought to Bay, and The Beast is Slain reward you for killing enemy fighters.


Path to Victory is a nice glory boost but does require a bit of positioning or push cards to pull off.


Keep Chopping is trick to score at times, but very rewarding when you do.




The gambits in this deck are primarily focused on positioning Hrothgorn so he can make lots of attack actions over the course of the game, and on disrupting the other player’s strategy.


Nightmare in the Shadows and Distraction are very powerful cards to help you move fighters into range, or dump them into a trap.


Spectral Wings and Commanding Stride give you lots of mobility.


Gnoblar Scramble is one of the most powerful push cards in the game, and is great for setting up objective grabs or trap combos.


Ravenous Fury helps to ensure that an important attack action lands.


Restless prize help you set up Swift Capture, and disrupt enemy end phase hold objective play.


Buried Instinct and Stand and Shoot give your opponent nasty surprises when they charge you, either making you much harder to kill, or possibly killing them as they come at you.


Snare helps you get that last point of damage on an enemy fighter.




The upgrades in this deck turn Hrothgorn into an unkillable monster, and increase accuracy.


Massive Bulk, Great Fortitude, Toughened Hide, and Spiritbond, make Hrothgorn almost impossible to kill, and except for Massive Bulk can also be used on the other fighters in a pinch.


Tome of Offerings rewards Hrothgorn for getting lots of kills.


Great Strength and Gloryseeker allow you to boost the warband’s damage.


Famed Hunter is a great accuracy card for Hrothgorn.


Hunter's Reflexes gives Hrothgorn extra mobility and makes it much harder for the enemy to avoid him.


Larval Lance turns one of the Gnoblar's into a threat in case Hrothgorn dies or has to charge early in a round.


The idea behind this deck is to wade into the enemy warband with Hrothgorn, get him inspired as soon as possible, and gear him up to the point it’s unlikely he can die while ruining the other player’s plans with power cards and target selection.


The rest of the fighters are there to control the board and provide help when needed.

Thrafnir is a solid fighter with a 3 fury attack, 5 move, and 2 dodge defence nice. Thrafnir is your main way of scoring gathered momentum with cards, so try to keep it safe until then. Once inspired, it gains cleave and an attack dice re-roll, making it very accurate. Although not your highest priority, it can be worth putting damage and defence upgrades on Thrafnir when needed in order to keep him around for another round or get an important kill.


Quiv is a terrible fighter in general, but provides Hrothgorn an important reroll in the first turn. I would recommend starting Quiv adjacent to but ideally behind Hrothgorn. If the other play tries to kill Quiv to deny the reroll, that means they got close to Hrothgorn, which is usually good for you. If Quiv survives into the later rounds, he can be useful for holding objectives or using a weapon upgrade. As a last resort, you could also give him a +1 damage upgrade, as his 3 fury attack action actually is fairly accurate once inspired.


Luggit and Thwak is a very strange fighter. The fighter card reaction allows you to push the target of their attack even if the attack fails, and to push a fighter on guard if the attack fails (since the reaction push is not a drive back). This isn’t the most useful ability, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you really need to push a fighter off an objective or into a lethal hex. Generally, you want this fighter to hide in the back and hold objectives or use the barb laden net before dying horribly.


Bushwakka, and more importantly his Trap, is a very interesting and powerful part of this warband. Firstly, the trap reaction can block a number of enemy reactions such as Snarlfang attacks, Snirk Inspire, Pit Trap, etc that happen after their activations or the last action of the activation. Secondly, it is very possible to move 3-4 with Bushwakka, drop the trap adjacent to an enemy fighter, and then play Distraction or Nightmare in the Shadows to push them into it, making it a very hard to avoid source of 2 damage with a 5 hex range. Plus, if you are able to drop it into a Lethal Hex, it can be 3 damage! It’s very likely that Bushwakka will die after this, but not before saying “worth it.”


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed the deck guide, let me know! If you try it out, let me know how it goes, and if you have any ideas for changes.


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