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J Leow


Tabletop - Post Arena Mortis


Hi, this is a fully competitive, end-product deck that is designed to win competitions.


Sadly, the reason I am sharing this decklist is because there are no organised play in my country due to the pandemic, and I hope at least someone else can benefit from this before the new season comes along.


This is an unique deck that only Spiteclaw can pull off. It is a fun deck to play as you will have many options available. And more often than not, you will be rolling many dice and dealing an incredible amount of damage.


I believe Spiteclaw Combo is the new meta to beat.


Note: 6 attack dice is needed to play this deck.





the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

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deck building guide

This is an aggro-flex deck and as such will require some experience to use properly.


It does very well against all types of warbands:

-hits harder than traditional aggro (Morgok)

-controls objectives well due to 5 move and various gambits


This deck revolves around:

-cheap objectives (all surges and end of round objectives can potentially be scored in the first round)

-easy gambits that inspires and can be used in all situations

-combo upgrades from ARENA MORTIS set


Possible improvements:

As I had planned to use this for competition, there are actually no other improvements I can think of (please leave a comment if I am missing something).

If anything, I don't really like "Unnatural Truce" as it is a net negative value card but there isn't another draw card that can be easily used. This card previously replaced "Buried Instinct".

Some of the cheap objectives will be out of rotation next season; but this is a bridge everyone will have to cross eventually.





Good/ bad match ups: There's no bad match up. This deck plays really well against all. It's like playing solitare.


Good/bad starting hards: As long as it's not all end of round objectives and upgrades you are golden. Burn cards during clean up phase as certain cards like "Audacious Feint", "Flashy Follow-up" and "Black Hunger" are worth more.


Board Selection/ Deployment: Standard stuff. A 5 fighter warband means at least one of your fighters will be within reach during the first round (think scary warbands like Morgok). If that's the case, let that fighter be "Lurking Skaven" as it has the best before-inspiration defence char at 2 dodges.


General strategy:

-hit cheap objectives in early game for upgrades

-kill everything in late game


This deck really shines due to the synergy with the warband's char. Put your upgrades only on fighters that can be brought back. When they are brought back, they lose their wound tokens, keep their upgrades, keep their inspired status and lose their move/charge tokens! This is why this strategy only works with this warband. Although the sep guards can also revive fighters, their high fighter count makes them easy early glories for opponents; and their low move means they can't efficiently take objectives, especially on opponent's board.


I prefer to put my upgrades on "Hungering Skaven" because of the possibility of "Black Hunger"; but technically any of the fighters that can be brought back should do the trick.


I park my leader at the back. His job is to hold one objective early in the first round and stay there the whole game.


Burn through your cards/ use all your draw cards the moment you receive it to get higher worth upgrades. You should have enough glories so that no valuable upgrades need to be discarded during the clean up phase.


Lives are cheap; so trade! Here is a typical move I might make:

charge/ move a skaven passed a lethal hex into an objective token on opponent's board

-> potentially score "Calculated risk", "Gathered Momentum" in one activation

-> sets you up for "Martyred", "Swift Capture", "Hidden Purpose", "Temporary Victory", "Supremacy" (and maybe "Press the advantage")

-> denys your opponent an objective (typically needs two activations for him to get back that objective, unless he has cards or he is playing that 1 fighter from Ironsoul warband).

-> get a cheap shot at your opponent; if you sucessfully hit and push him away, he may potentially need more fighters/activations to get back that objective).

And if you think about it, to warbands like Morgok, a rat with 1 health might be the same thing as a SCE with 4; still need 1 activation to kill. So trade! You need only 1 activation to bring back your rat.


There's "Two Steps Forward", "Sidestep", (2!) "Confusion" and "Mischevious Spirit" to get you to the objective token you want to be; and your fighters get inspired along the way (except for MS).


Also, I prefer to go second so that I can use said cards above more efficiently to score objectives.












Do leave a comment if more commentary is needed on how to play this deck; I still have a couple of tricks up my sleeve.


Best of luck!


Let me know if you win. Cheers mate.


-J Leow


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