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The Dread Pageant

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Kaptain Murder


Tabletop - Direchasm Launch


When I first saw the Dread Pageant, I realized that I loved the models, I loved the rules, I loved the cards, and I loved the inspire condition most of all. The problem? Slaanesh and Kaptain Murder just don't mix. Kaptain Murder is obsessed with killing others, Slaanesh is obsessed with pleasing the self. Kaptain Murder is aggression, Slaanesh is Introspection. But there are some really, really, good Khorne models our there that completely fulfill my need to convert and paint new things during the pandemic, and also perfectly represent their Slaanesh Counterparts.


Then that inspire condition. It should just be renamed “Khorne cares not from whence the Blood Flows.” It is just so perfectly suited to this team and how to run it.


This team also scratches my itch for an offensive build that I felt was missing last season as control, objective, and especially flex became for prevalent. This isn't a condemnation on the season, it was a great evolution, I just personally like the chance to ratchet up the Alberta Aggro Advantage.

the deck

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deck building guide

When you see the deckpic above, you will also notice that there is no flex here - there is nothing to suggest that you may be trying to cap an objective or any other substandard/non-aggro type of strategic play. This build is also meant to gear up your Slakeslash (represented by Karanak on my pitch) and let the monster earn you skulls and glory.


One of the nice synergies of this build and the team in general is that you can utilize the standard 4 movement of all your fighters to get into your opponents face on Activation 1. Blaze a Trail, Gathered Momentum, Run Ragged, Show of Force, Team Effort, Endless Revel, Godseekers and Intimidating Display are all "passive" glory that you will earn for running and charging. So that speed and make sure you stretch your lats/shoulders because you are going to spend most of the game reaching over into your opponents’ territory as your team keeps up the charge pace.

Next is the glory you get for stacking upgrades. For the record: ALL UPGRADES GO ON Slakeslash/Karanak. This lets you gain Show of Force, Excess of Vainglory, Surge of Aggression. By stacking those upgrades and keeping your monster alive, you will almost always score Ahead of the Hunt, Intimidating Display, Surge of Aggression. Most importantly, this will let you build up to Avatar of the Ur-Grub and the Avatar Risen glory that comes with it.


You will also notice the ping damage from Collapse and Cruel Pangs is complimented with nightmare in the shadows, distraction, and lure of Slaanesh. These are all designed to help you get your inspiration as well as mess up whatever strategy your opponent was planning.

Because movement and positioning are really that important for this team as an aggro oriented murder-fest, the distraction style cards are complimented with spectral wings, tracking and blindside. Don't be shy to use them, as getting your team down the pitch will always be your prime mover.


Finaly the upgrades: Besides the Avatar upgrades and the basic great strength/fortitude; Trophy Belt and Vision of Glory are designed to make the most out of your Slakeslash/Karanak. Substance Siphon, Warding Companion and Sickening Resolve are there to keep him alive until the end. Personally, I think Sickening Resilience (along with Shared Pain) will/should be restricted soon, so use them while you can!


If you want to go the Mortis Relic route (or Deserved Confidence), you can play around with the Great Strength/Fort and Warding Companion to suit your taste. We are blessed with a lot of good choices for upgrades, so go with what you think will work best!


This is an aggro team, so aggro friendly boards are your friend. If the opponent gives me 3 objectives, I almost always take Hive of Sacrifice. If you get to put down the second board, make sure to have starting places to get your team into opponents’ territory right away.


For lethal placement, put a lethal in the middle of the opponents starting hexes. Don’t worry to much where your opponent places their lethal, you aren't going to be near it for long anyways.


As for the fighters:


Hadzu (represented by Garreck with a converted Savage Orruck Bow)

He will normally be your second move. Keep him to the side and run him down a flank. Take a potshot of opportunity, hopefully against an opponent that is standing beside a lethal hex. Chances are, your archer wont make it past the first round, and thats fine. He's meant to distract your opponent from going after your heavy hitter until its too late.


Glissette (represented by Valkia converted without the wings)


There once was Glissette the Pole Dancin'

Who represented all of Slasheshism

She saw that Bahanner chap

Sat right on his lap

And Said you can hammer my Direchasm!


But after a small killing spree

Now she’s Khorne's Madam to-be

So Kaptain Murder started convertin’

Made her ultra-Canadian

And Valkia stands On Guard for thee!


Valkia will be your first move each game. Run that demonic hateball down the pitch and stab whatever you want to take some wounds. Then watch as she guards against all the attacks that use up your opponent’s resources while the rest of your team comes down with rabid destruction.


Vasillac (represented with Khorgus Khul – clip off the dog leash and give that bro a shield!)

Khorgus will be a workhorse in this match. At the third activation, you either have Garreck and Valkia scoring wounds, being a nussiance, or just plain dead. It is at this time you are going to need to decide you game plan. Are you going to try for inspiration? Do you need a kill? Want to get position and provide a (master)bait target to lure in your foe? This is decision time… so make the best of it!


Slakeslash (represented with Karanak)

This is your Avatar Caddy and your monster of the field. Karanak will be there to get kills, take skulls, earn glory. When Karanak has both the Healing from his attack, plus the heal from the Ur-Grub Upgrades, this massive beast is virtually unkillable.


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