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Lady Harrow's Mournflight

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Tabletop - Post Arena Mortis


This is a deck guide for passive Lady Harrow’s mournflight.

This is typical anti-aggro Lady Harrow’s deck. Just sit back, score, and kill enemies if they dare to come close.

the deck

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Hidden Purpose, One Will – Just easy to score. You are going to hold two objectives anyway.

Nexus of Terror, Path to Victory, Uncontested – Hold 2 objectives and do something. Lots of push enemy ploys to help score Nexus and Uncontested.

Absolute Stillness – No-move condition is a bit hard, though with Quickening greaves it is doable. Two glory for holding one objective is a lot. Also, I wanted to try it out. There are three upgrades in the deck to make you a quarry: Cryptic Companion, Strength of Terror, Survival Instincts


Inescapable Hunger – Easy to score although sometimes contradictory with holding objectives.

Fleeting Memories – Very easy to score while moving onto objective. Just be mindful where you place your fighters.

Cover Ground, Gathered Momentum – Be fast, score points. (With more or less support from your power cards.)

Fired Up – Just easy to score.

Solid Gains – Glory boosting.

Power cards


Sidestep, Two Steps Forward – Helpful when getting pushed from objectives.

Dissipate, Buried Instinct – Can be played to (hopefully) stay on objective or to save your rampaging Lady Harrow.

Distraction, Call of the grave, Frightful aspect – Helps to score Nexus of Terror and Uncontested or can provide some combat support.

Soaring spite, Spectral Wings – Helps to score objectives for movement (Inescapable Hunger, Fleeting memories, Cover ground and Gathered momentum), allows you to reach objectives and fighters further away and helps with inspiration.

Mischievous spirits – Anti-objective tech. When facing objective warband deny them objectives; otherwise use it to capture them.


Swooping Dash – Movement upgrade. Helps to score movement objectives and helps getting around.

Spectral Armour, Debilitating Aura, Survival Instincts, Veil of Grief, Great fortitude – Helps you to stay on objectives and/or to survive.

Cryptic Companion – Who just does not want some glory for doing (almost) nothing?

Quickening Greaves – Helps you to get back onto an objective token.

Great Strength, Strength of Terror – Some offensive upgrades to make ghosts even scarier.



Against aggro

If you win the roll-off leave them three objectives. Take Molten Shardpit, Penitent’s throne or Shrine of the Silent People and place boards diagonally lethal or blocked hexes close to enemy territory.

When placing second take Shrine of the Silent People or Soul Refractor (especially good against ranged attackers).

Against objective or passive

If you win, take three objectives, and go with Shrine of the Silent People or Soul Refractor.

If you are placing second take Shattered refractor, Shrine of the Silent or Soul Refractor and place it aligned with the long side.


If you want to use any other board, you can. Just remember you need at least one blocked hex to be able to score Inescapable Hunger.

When placing objective tokens place them further away from the opponent and exactly 3 hexes apart for easy scoring of Fleeting Memories.


Except for Absolute Stillness, there are no other objectives problematic to score in the first round. Discard your hand if most of it is too unlikely to score (e.g. Nexus of Terror and Uncontested against objective warbands with three objectives) or just too big gamble you do not need to take. (Consider how many surge objectives you have.)

For powers you want some combination of push enemy, yourself. Look for combinations – Spectral wings – Cover Ground, Uncontested – Distraction,… Discard if there are too many upgrades or just no power cards helping you score objectives. (Cryptic Companion is great early on.)

Fighter placement

General rule applies: more wounds – more bravery. Keep Caitha and Maiden in the back while Lady with The Anguished One will stand in the front (objective or passive) or middle (aggro).

Game plan

In the first round use your low health ghost to hold the objectives while the others fight, score aggressive surges, and inspire (if possible). If playing against objective with 3 objectives send more invaders to capture some of their objectives.

In the next rounds send reinforcements to help with fighting if necessary. Hold objectives and score what you can. Objectives will tell you what to do.

General Tips

Do not wait to much with your surge objectives. When you score, you draw another one and you can score it or change your gameplan accordingly.

Try to inspire your ghost when you can, but do not let it interfere with objectives. If you have great move use it. Play movement boosters to inspire, score objectives, or capture objective tokens.

Capture objectives in a way that you leave possibility for Fleeting memories.

Use your power cards wisely – do not keep them too long to block your hand, do not use them to early when it makes no difference.

Give aggressive upgrades to ghosts in front. Defensive ones go to your back line if they are fighting and need it; otherwise to the attackers.

Going on guard can be very useful when you need to hold objective or just can’t go away.

Don’t forget to use Lady Harrow’s inspired reaction. Pushing her for free instead of moving saves a lot of time.

If inspired Caitha is in danger you can use her action to teleport away.

Against objective warbands your push cards are your greatest weapon. Use them to deny your opponent big objectives (Supremacy, Dug In). In case of Temporary Victory sometimes it is worth denying it (beginning of the game, “second Temporary Victory” in hand). And sometimes keep it for the big ones.


Now you are ready to bring death and despair to enemies of Nagash. Good luck and many crits!


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