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Hello! WiggleFish here!


This is the deck guide for the Magore's Fiends deck I recently piloted to 4th place in the 3rd Vassel Tournament. I'm not sure I think it is a top tier meta deck, but it was very interesting to play, and you may enjoy taking it for a spin, or using it as a jumping off point for your own deck.


The idea for the centers around the Fiend's great base stats, Ghartok's built in resistance to being driven back, and the reliable glory and power card superiority gained from the standard "To the End package."


I consider this deck to be "Control/Hold Objective flex" because of it's focus on holding objectives (though it importantly only needs to hold two to succeed) and it's ability to mess up the opponent's plan by being hard to kill, punching back fairly well, and packing a lot of disruption gambits. Against aggro decks, your fighters are hard to kill and pack a punch, against control decks, you can score big glory via holding objectives, and against hold objective decks, your raw stats and multitude of push cards can help you ruin the enemy's plan and kill their fighters.

the deck

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All of the objective cards in the deck are fairly reliable, though some of them do require a certain amount of planning to pull off, mostly involving making sure you are positioning your fighters on objectives during charges or extra activations.


Strong Start and What Armour? are fairly reliable aggro cards that can be scored at the same time if you are lucky enough to have them both at the same time and Magore gets a kill.


Frantic Exchange works well with how much card draw is in the deck, though it can sometimes make you use a card at a less than ideal time just to score it.


Swift Capture and Steadfast Defender are great cards for Ghartok to set up by charging onto an objective early in the game and being hard to budge.


Gathered Momentum will sometimes score itself via other surges, and the rest of the time an inspired Riptooth or any fighter with help from Spectral Wings can score it.


Fired Up, Great Gains, and Solid Gains are reliable cards that you usually score if things are going okay.


Path to Victory and Uncontested are the hardest cards in the deck to score, but are backed up by most of the gambits in the deck, and provide the big glory boosts this warband needs to the current meta.


To the End is a dead card rounds 1-2, but there is really nothing the opponent can do to stop you from scoring it, and it goes well with all of the card draw needed to support the objective holding.




The Gambits in the deck are either there to support the objective holding (Centre of Attention, Two Steps Forward, Sidestep, Distraction, Restless Prize, Buried Instinct), draw cards (Unnatural Truce and Frenzied Search), or make your fighters faster/better (Spectral Wings and Furious Inspiration).




The Upgrades in the deck are there to provide mobility (Faneway Crystal), Durability (Potion of Constitution and Great Fortitude), Damage (Great Strength, Sting of the Ur-Grub, Gloryseeker), Accuracy (Prized Vendetta), or gain glory (Tome of Glories and Cryptic Companion supported by Quickening Greaves).


Possible Changes:


After playing in the event, I this the deck is solid, but would consider changing out Gloryseeker for Potion of Rage, and Buried Instinct for Inspired Attack in order to flex a bit more into aggro when needed. It's hard for me to say if these changes would be better, though they might be in some situations. It has also been suggested to me that Cover Ground could be used instead of another surge, with the addition of Great Speed to support it. I think this could work, though I do not like relying that much on Riptooth, or having an inspired fighter to play Spectral Wings on.


The general strategy with this deck is to score reliable glory while denying your opponent's ability to score their own glory.


Against most warbands, the main strategy is just to brawl with them while attempting to hold objectives. Larger warbands like Thorns, Grymwatch, and Gitz can have a hard time with so many hard hitting fighters (especially if you win boards) if your dice roll average or better, and the smaller warbands like Wurmspat, Rippa's, and Cursebreaker's don't like being outnumbered by fighters of similar toughness, and can have a hard time out maneuvering your more numerous fighters.


If you do face a warband you are afraid might be able to out-fight you, the you can set up defensively, draw a few cards or position your fighters for a few activations before going in with Magore or Ghartok. Make sure you keep Riptooth safe if possible, as it tends to be your best fighter in the later rounds. Hopefully you have a much better first round than the aggressive opponent, and can then power up with upgrades and fight them off. The main thing you want to avoid in these situations is losing too many fighters too early, as it gets much harder to hold two objectives for Swift Capture, Uncontested, and Path to Victory after losing the first two fighters, and is obviously impossible after losing the third.


Regardless of who you are against, the card draw in the deck should allow you to have more cards then most opponents, and secure your ability to hold the objectives you need, and give you the two glory at the end of the game from To the End, which will hopefully be enough to secure the game along with the passive glory from Cryptic Companion and Tome Glories (which are usually on Zharkus sitting on a backfield objective--I guess he loves to read books with his shadowy friend?).


You will almost always want to win the roll off and choose the board placement. This is an objective deck, but because you only need to hold two, you don't really mind having 2 or 3, and the placement of your fighters is more important. If you are forced to pick boards, I tend to pick the Katophrane's Reliquary or Penitent's Throne, as their starting hexes are fairly spread out


I hope you enjoyed this deck guide, and if you try the deck, I hope you enjoy it!


If you do, or if you end up making any changes that you feel improve things, let me know in the comments :-)




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