Make Aggro Great Again: Sweep the Leg

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Tabletop - Post BAR4.0


Part one of this guide focused on “The Murderrain”: A concept that you could use a large amount of spread out damage to whittle down your opponents at range before ending their team with Magore’s axe or Riptooth's jaws. Today’s guide is a more personal style of murder, a homage to the motto of the Cobra Kai Shadespire Dojo - Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. It epitomizes the instruction that Sensei Kreese gave to Johnny Lawrence at the 1983 All Valley Karate Championships:

“Sweep The Leg”

This team will Make Aggro Great Again by focusing on additional movement ploys/upgrades along with the reactions in order to murder your opponent’s team and gift their cowardly skulls to Khorne.

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Starting with objectives, there are three key takeaways, two of them could possibly be seen as a negative -the lack of restricted and (only) 16 base glory – but you’ll discover that with 8 surge objectives, the glory flows fast and easy right off the start allowing you to (hopefully) gear up your squad for some consistent MDK187 before your opponents glory train starts flowing.

I have found that taking Victory after Victory and Combination Strike necessitate 8 surge objectives in order to ensure they occur consistently. I’ve also chosen Calculated Risk over one of the other surges (Advancing Strike or Change of Tactics) as I see it as better to get that consistent glory without taking two actions or relying on the kill shot to achieve. Keep Chopping is also a surprisingly common score with this build, since including Dark Darts, Shadeglass Darts and the movement upgrades and ploys to get you consistently into the fight.

The Ploys are where this build really gets its style. Trap, Pit Trap, Aggressive Defense and Ready for action are all reactions that allow you to surprise your opponent with the dreaded Leg Sweep (ie: reaction kill). This is especially true when your opponent believes you are just chipping away at their goons with your darts, but it turns into a glorious murder as you push a fighter into your cunningly laid Trap and score Masterstroke for that extra twist!

The upgrades are fairly standard and geared towards murder rather than survival. The Cobrai Kai Shadespire Dojo is The Way of the Fist, after all. Your opponent can’t hit you if their body is on the floor convulsing while you separate their bloody and tear-stained skull. Great Speed, Sprinter, and Faneway (complimented with Hidden Paths and Spectral Wings) are to get your team into “Leg Sweep” range. Gloryseeker, Great Strength, Furious Charge and Prized Vendetta are there to make sure you hit accurately and with force.

The Darts are essential to keep your Range Game working. I sometimes experiment with Nullstone Spear or Nullstone Arrows instead depending on if I notice a lot of filthy wizards or Mr. Miyagi wandering around the tournament. Your flavor will vary, but be flexible if you need to be- as the skull of a wizard upon your Nullstone weapon when presented to the greatest Sensei of all upon his skull throne is a glorious thing indeed!


You are going to murder furiously... but strategically. Let Zharkus and Garthok take the lead while you upgrade Magore and the only true dag, Riptooth. Both of your tier 2 danglebros will do a lot of damage to opponents on their own and take a lot of resources to put down.

Ensure that you are getting your glory consistently, as you will be depending on getting through your entire objective deck in the game as well as scoring a few kills too. You will find that when you have killed their entire warband, your opponent will cry; but when you kill their entire warband and you’ve already scored a ton of surge objectives and two-glory end-phase objectives, your opponent will cry like Daniel Larusso.


Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy


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