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During the last quarter of season one and for a good chunk of season two, Magore, his Dag, and his Bro’s were claiming skulls and trophies wherever tournaments were held. Perhaps the raging climax of this was at the 2019 Las Vegas Open, which saw Magore take 1st and 5th amongst some top tier Mollog, Eot9, Gitz and Cursebreaker pilots.


So what happened?

The oversimplified answers are: The advent of glory denial strategies, and the ability of Molly the troll to out aggro our aggro. So how to we, as devotees to the Brass Throne, claim skulls, glory and glass trophies/murder weapons? Let’s start with this first option: “The Murderrain”.

the deck

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Murderrain, like any Magore team, is not subtle. The idea is to make your opponent bleed out and die before you do. Fortunately, Khorne doesn’t care from where the blood flows, so the idea is to keep the pressure on with your team charging in while pouring down some extra hurt when able.

This decklist attempts to solve the perceived weakness from Team Magore by adding ranged damage to its arsenal. Shardgale, Encroaching Shadow, Dark Darts and Shadeglass Darts are all meant to reach each any of your opponent’s team at range. The objectives are selected to compliment this, with Rivers of Blood, Scent of Victory, and Alone in the Darkness bringing in the glory as the bodies inevitably hit the floor.

Almost as glaring as the wanton slaughter being caused with this deck, are what people will notice is missing. There is no Great Fortitude, no Faneway Crystal and no Tome of Vitality. That’s because this team is a ticking clock, with the goal of killing your opponent before they kill you.


As discussed, Murderrain is designed to be a raging tumult of damage at the expense of all other things. If your opponent wants to duke it out? Then thank Khorne for your good fortune and bathe yourself in the blood of those weaklings who were fool enough to challenge you.

It’s a little trickier if the opposing team wants to tuck away and try to win through passive glory. As this is how people see the downfall of the pure aggro deck, you can expect this to happen. In that case, you will need to be a little more patient, as you probably won’t get in to hand to hand (besides through a hidden path or spectral wings/inspiration combo) until the second round. In that case, move up your team as a group, ticking off a couple wounds with your darts and damage ploys before you go in for the kill.

Keep an eye on your objectives and who you need to get a wound on. In some cases, it may be counter-intuitive to use that Encroaching Shadow or Dark Darts attack to get a wound on one fighter rather than remove another, but scoring Rivers of blood at the end and being able to gain more glory when you are able will benefit your fighters and your final glory count in the long run.

Lastly, this team is designed to murder, murder and murder some more, not to survive. Imagine it like your local (insert pro sport here) team: They are great at the start, but they don’t have the cardio to go the distance. Because of this, removing your opponents before Khorne claims your skulls for himself is clutch!


If you are going to Make Aggro Great Again, you need to remember that in the new, competitive meta, there are going to be a lot of variants to each warband and how they play. The days of just running in and hoping for the best are long gone, so use your range, use your rage, and don’t be afraid to make the sacrifices you need in order to put your opponent’s team in the ground!

Stay tuned for Part Two: Sweep the Leg


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