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Tabletop - Post Krushas/Morg


Welcome to my initial deck guide for Morgok's Krushas!


This is what I will be playing for my first go at the warband, and I think it is solid example of how to utilize their strengths.


The basic style of this deck is a aggro/hold objective style. The main focus is to kill the enemy fighters while controlling the objectives on their half of the board via bullying with very strong fighters, lots of pushes and some objective manipulation.


I think there are likely ways to play the warband more aggressively, or even much more passively, but this style fits my enjoyment of interacting with objectives, messing up the opponent's plan, and doing a fair amount of Krushing.

the deck

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deck building guide



Three of the six surges (Hidden Purpose, Got it, Boss, and Now Wot?) are some of the easiest to score in the game, you just need objectives nearby. Strong start will be hard NOT to score, since you have the toughest warband in the whole game. Show of force is very easy to score in the first round by making three charges, or in the later rounds via applying upgrades. Orruk Kunning is probably the worst of the six surges, and it's still pretty reliable even if you have to draw a card to score it some of the time.


In the end phase, Team Effort, Solid Gains, and Great Gains are very easy to score without having to do much to specifically score them. Good Day's Work should almost always be scorable in the third rounds, and will often be scorable before that vs some warbands. Path to Victory would normally be tricky for a three fighter warband to score, but is boosted by this deck's inclusion of Glorious Triumph and Restless Prize to support it. The Avatar Risen is the end game strategy of this deck, and should be very reliable as long as you are mindful of which Orruk you are putting the upgrades on, and keeping that fighter alive with defensive upgrades like Inured to Pain.


Power Cards:


The power cards in this deck are focused around a few things.


Mobility is important for this warband because they are sort of slow to start with, need to get to objectives, and want to avoid charging if you can push and attack instead, so Commanding Stride, Eager Advance, Kunnin Brutality, Spectral Wings, Duellist's Speed, and Faneway Crystal will help you get where you need to.


When you make attacks, you want them to hit, so Haymaker, Brute Charge, Claws of the Ur-Grub, and Strength of Terror will help those attacks land.


Frenzied Search is the best card draw tech in the game, and this warband hardly needs restricted cards right now, so I've included it as well.


Distraction is likely the best card in the game, so I never leave home without it.


Restless Prize helps secure objectives when needed, and puts a serious wrench in the plans of hold objective oriented opponents.


Glorious Triumph helps make holding objectives much easier for cards like Now Wot?, Hidden Purpose, Path to Victory by letting you get a kill instead of holding another objective, and it hard counters enemies trying to score Uncontested.


Although your fighters are very hard to kill from the start, Berserk Fortitude, Inured to Pain, Great Fortitude, and Mandibles of the Ur-Grub help make your fighters truly obnoxious to kill.


Tome of Offerings helps make more from the kills you are getting.


Great Strength and Sting of the Ur-Grub help boost damage as needed to one shot fighters.


Note that I do not have Avatar of the Ur-Grub upgrade included in the deck builder link, but you should bring it along as well.


The play-style for this deck is mostly an aggressive one, but doesn't have to be in every case.


Against most warbands, you have the raw stats to simply charge forward (ideally on to objectives) and bully the other player. If you think the other player is likely to kill your fighters too quickly, you can instead hang back, score some surges, and power up with upgrades before starting the fight for real.


The surge objectives in this deck are so easy to score that you should have no issues with getting your first few glory, and should be scorable throughout the game.


This deck is fairly simple, but there are also a few tricks to getting the most out of it.


Duellist's Speed is a great card for moving onto objectives BEFORE scoring surge cards, meaning you can even kill or drive back a fighter on an objective, and then steal it to score Hidden Purpose and so on. Keep in mind that it does share the same reaction window as Glorious Triumph, though.


Kunnin Brutality is also a great card for sneaking onto objectives after a charge or attack before scoring, either because you just cleared the objective, or attacking in one place and then sliding onto an objective 3 hexes away.


If possible, you want to inspire your fighters before they make their second charge action (I am assuming your first one will probably be in round one, and you can try to inspire in round 2 most of the time), so pushes like Distraction and Commanding stride help you do that by closing the distance, and Eager Advance does that AND gives you an extra Waaagh! counter as well.


Finally, just be careful which fighter you decide is the Avatar bearer. If an opponent hits Morgok for 3 damage in the first round, don't put the Ur-Grub items on him!


I hope you enjoyed this deck guide, and if you try the deck, I hope you enjoy it!


If you do, or if you end up making any changes that you feel improve things, let me know in the comments :-)




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