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Morgwaeth’s Blade-coven

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Tabletop - Post Krushas/Morg


WiggleFish here!


This is the deck guide for my initial Morgwaeth's Blade-coven deck!


This deck can very likely be improved with more games, but I think it's a good starting point for this warband, and look forward to getting more games in.


The style of this deck is mostly an aggressive one. Power up, kill stuff, win.

the deck

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deck building guide



The objectives in this deck are focused around easy to score objectives and killing the enemy.


Calculated Risk, Hidden Purpose, Gathered Momentum, Fired Up, Show of Force, Great Gains, Solid Gains, and Purposeful Strike are all fairly simple to score objectives for some easy glory.


Perfect Kill, Swift Sacrifice, Keep Chopping, and Daughters of the First Temple reward you for killing enemy fighters.


Gambits and Upgrades


Most of the gambits and upgrades are focused on damage, speed, and accuracy.


Catechism of Murder lets you inspire a fighter to get around this warband's difficult inspire condition.


Haymaker, Inspired Attack, Zealot's Rage, Jealous Defence, Gloryseeker, Fighter's Ferocity, Potion of Rage, Prized Vendetta, Strength of Terror, Sting of the Ur-Grub, and Great Strength are all great aggressive cards that boost damage and accuracy.


Buried Instinct, Sudden Growth, and Fanatical Faith help you mess up enemy aggression and keep your fighters alive.


Headlong Fury is a very powerful mobility card that can allow you to do all sorts of cool mobility tricks.


Distraction and Mischievous Spirits are great for messing up the enemy's objective holding plans.


Crown of Avarice helps make up for losing a fighter, or or make them less attractive to kill.


Tome of Offerings is a great way to boost the glory from kills.


The main strategy of this deck to to score easy surges, apply upgrades, and murder everything!


Although the strategy is fairly straightforward, I think there are some tricks to playing this warband well.


First, you want to ensure Morgwaeth isn't killed too early, as she is your main way to inspire your fighters before the third round. If you do charge with her in the first round, utilize her speed and range to do so in a safer way.


When you do have a chance to inspire a fighter, consider which one is the best to choose. A lot of the time this will vary based on the cards you have in hand, and the targets available. Against warbands with high wound fighters and have +damage available, you may want to choose Morgwaeth, Lethyr, or Khamyss to dive in and try and hit for 4+ damage. Against larger warbands like Thorns or Gitz, the low damage of Kyrae (with Fighter's Ferocity, ideally) and the double attack from Khamyss become more useful. Kyrssa doesn't really need to inspire to be halfway useful, so I wouldn't waste an inspire ability on her.


One of my favorite tech cards in the deck is Headlong Fury, as you can use it to move Morgwaeth onto an objective, attack with Jealous Defence, attack again in the next activation, and then ideally have cards like Sudden Growth, Buried Instinct, and Fanatical Faith in hand to survive the next activation to attack or charge again. Alternatively, you can Headlonf Fury after a charge to pull your fighter back to safety.


I hope you enjoyed this deck guide, and if you try the deck, I hope you enjoy it!


If you do, or if you end up making any changes that you feel improve things, let me know in the comments :-)




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