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Lady Harrow's Mournflight

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Luke Hartman


Tabletop - Post Snarlfangs


MournHub is back and looking pretty strong as the Beastgrave season rolls along. There are a lot of new cards to take advantage of and a fresh meta to exploit.

the deck

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deck building guide

This deck has evolved over time since the release of Dreadfane. I recommend reading the introductory in the original MournHub deck guide for my methodology on the deck.


As of now, the core strength of running Mournflight as an objective/aggro flex warband is the limited number of models you bring to the table. This is an advantage because you are giving up less kills to opposing aggro warbands compared to Grymwatch and ThPena, while benefiting from the increased stats for attack and defense and easy objectives that reward you for moving around the board.


Objecives I would consider swapping in would be Shortcut, Solid Gains or Great Gains.


Power cards I would consider swapping in would be shifting reflection, Two steps forward, transfixing stare.


Upgrades to consider swapping in are faneway crystal, sting of the Ur grub and duelist speed.


When playing MournHub you will most often want to take the objectives in your matchups. Using the Shyishian Stardial board as your first drop. This board gives you a great setup vs offensive warbands, adds some blocked terrain and allows you to still be aggressive vs diagonal set ups. With the three objectives in your territory the opponent will have to come to you. Punish them with charges and position yourself when you can to finish in objectives. If you lose the board roll and only have two objectives in your territory then you will likely need to plan to steal one from your opponents board. Be aggressive against other hold objective warbands that you can overpower and prevent Grymwatch from inspiring by prioritizing invading their board. Even if you do not win the objective battle in round one, preventing Grymwatch from inspiring will out you in a position to win mid to late game.


The deck does not take much time to learn, but the Mournflight can be a very squishy warband if you do not position correctly. use your high maneuverability to your advantage and try to tool up Lady Harrow for killing and the rest for holding objectives.


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