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Martin Albeck


Tabletop - Post FAR3.0


Hello everyone.

I have played Underworlds since its release, with a successful run with different decks. Skaven and Thundrik's are those who fared best, but I also enjoyed the Briar Queen and her gang.

Now I am moving into season 3 - and having fought against the Grymwatch, (and lost a lot) - I would like to dive into a different area of the game.

So now I'm trying to rot my opponents to death - this deck is my 3rd iteration of the Wurmspat deck.

the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

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deck building guide

After having played the Wurmspat a few times, I have begun to recognize some general issues.

They are slow. Feluca dies often and sometimes they have a hard time inspiring.

After the latest meta, aggro decks are coming back into fashion and so I wanted to create something that gave me toughness to survive round 1 and then enough damage boosts to settle the score late game. (I think that Wurmspat will often be behind after round 1).

That has let me to the following deck (input is super welcome)

Surge objectives:

Strong Start (1) Surge

Against the Wall (1) Surge

Swift Capture (1) Surge

Temporary Victory (2) Surge

Unexpected Pitfall (1) Surge

Bold Conquest (1) Surge


In a way the usual suspects, where Bold Conquest is one that often will be dependent on Faneway crystal or mistakes by your opponent.


End Phase objectives:

Fired Up (1)

Faithful Reward (1)

Path to Victory (2)

Run Ragged (2)

Team Effort (1)

Uncontested (3)

The most obvious is Run Ragged, the biggest risk is uncontested.






Steady Advance

Unnatural Vitality


4 different and versatile move cards that should give you the necessary legs to move (and to counter the enemy's distraction).




Dragged into the Darkness


Only two conditional damage cards and one with 50% chance of success. I used to have more, but I think this will have to do for now - AND Rebound always have your opponent on his toes.


Other buffs:

Transfixing Stare

Nauseous Revulsion

Buried Instinct

So I have chosen to bring back transfixing stare. Save it for as long as possible, to counter the opponents main tank fighter. In the third round this is a killer move. Nauseous Revulsion could in round 1 or 2, severely dampen any aggro deck. Burried instinct is just great.




For movement:

Faneway Crystal

Quickening Greaves


For extra damage:


Great Strength


For stronger attack dice rolls:

Potion of Rage

Prized Vendetta


For defence:

Foetid Shroud

Substance Siphon

Great Fortitude



Hulking Physique

+ 1 on wounds and +1 damage (-1 move) - Well, just a cool upgrade.


Final words

So a 17 glory objective deck with 2 cycles and lots of combat buffs. Do you agree. Is it correct or flawed to remove the spells? Should I have included more damage gambit (for inspire)? Let me know your thoughts...


So let the enemy come to you. You should have plenty of opportunity to draw at least 1 or maybe even two gambits, before having to engage (on your own map)

Priority should be your objectives and or easy pickings. Avoid the enemy's heavy hitter until you have upgrades and/or proper reactions to counter them.


Create choke points when deploying boards (I usually choose molten shardpit) and place them with only 3 hexes towards the opponents map.

If you have the possibility save transfixing stare till late game and try to see if you can get your cycles down on the board.


I just hate when one Warband dominates too much. It makes bad players seem better than they actually are and good players dominate with little or very low resistance. No such luck here, you will need to work for it with Wurmspat...

And btw. when you have Hrothgorn down to 1 wound - do not hesitate or play smart. Take the mf out of the board. (talking from personal, painful experience)


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Maciej Smutek
September 11, 2020, 1:28:26 PM
I wonder how do you score "Run Ragged" against Mantrappers, and how it can turn to be "Most obvious". I never seen the Ogre moving all his minions, one Transfixing Stare is just not enough to put tokens on every enemy fighter.

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