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Tabletop - Post FAR2.0


So I've seen a lot of people asking online for a way to make eyes of nine work in the current meta, and I thought I should write this guide to a deck I've made that performs quite well.


Basically there are two (three) ways to play eot9 at the moment. These are:

- Spell heavy/Vortemis turret

- Objective based.

(I guess tomes is a third way, but I think even before the latest FAR that deck was under-performing)

Most poeple seem to be going for the spell heavy version, but this deck is all about the objectives for the following reasons.

- You are playing into the strengths of the warband and utilizing its uniqeness. No one else will do what you do better.

- You are not gonna feal like you are just playing bad curse breakers.

- It performs better.

- It's more fun (IMO)

the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

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deck building guide

The deck started off several months ago as a objective build with tomes, but then I ditched the tomes for more offensive and defensive power, and I haven't looked back since. With the lates FAR-list the deck took a hit (I was running KTG, tome of vitality, scrum and transfixing stare in addition to the current restricted cards) but in hindsight KTG and stare are the only cards I really miss.


Objectives, end phase:

Supremacy, bind the city, 2x tactical supremacies, path to victory. Your bread and butt end-phase cards. Note that because of the blue horror, you have a far easier time scoring the tactical supremacies than any other warband, at least early game.


Combination strike: The replacement for KTG. Can be swapped with opening gambit/solig gains if you prefer.

Depending on your meta, you might want to run Coveted spoils as well. In that case, I'd replace it with either combination strike or one of the tactical supremacies. I don't personally run it, because it is a dead card against hard aggro, which can be a weak spot for this deck.

Swift capture, temprary victory: Bread and butter. Note you have an easier time scoring SC than anyone else with the horror, as well as scoring TV with only 2 objectives on your side of the board turn 1.

Martyred, warning shot: Love these cards. Things are not always gonna go your way, these cards will reward you even if they don't.


Shortcut: You have 4 cards to score this.


Steadfast defender: My replacement for scrum, and I'm not sure I would change back if I could. Note that with the horror, again, this is a better card for you than anyone else. If your blue horror is on an objecitve and your opponent is attacking it, you will score this even if they hit and kill it.

Some possible replacements: Summoner (I dont like this because in the most difficult games, the horror will be ignored), Architect of fate (I think steadfast defender is just better)




Confusion, Arcane transposition: You know how confusion will win you games in the current meta? You are probably the only one running 2. The latter also can inspire K'charik (it is your only spell). Again you are also better at utilizing it than anyone else with the horror because a lot of opponents will put their objectives next to starting hexes.

Decietful step: So many uses, but will fail you at times. Use it to get a swift kill with kcharik/beefed up vortemis, to get someone to safety, to score shortcut, to 50/50 grab ab objective etc. Be weary that against some warbands the objectives will all be taken and in that case this can just fizzle.


Shifting reflections: Ah, the plays you can do with this card. So beefed up riptooth is standing on an objective in your territory, ready to charge Vortemis? Swap it with the blue horror standing on the other edge of the long board, etc.


Restless prize: Bread and butter, can combine well with shifting reflection if riptooth isnt standing on an objective.


Center of attention: Again, so many uses, can pull of amazing combos with Disturbing presence etc.


Sidestep: Bread and butter. Better for you than two steps forward because you never really wanna give your opponent a free push to get into range of Vortemis or your other fighters.

Frenzied search: Great card, you will usually have something you can throw away for it.

Jealous defence: Your one offensive gambit. But it is a great one. Combos with shifting reflection and/or decietful step.


Mischevious spirits: Use with caution, and at the right time. Can be used to get 1 or 2 of your fighters unto objectives, or to get your opponent of them. Useless at times if you are already standing on objectives, but in that case you are usually winning. Move an objective unto a starting hex (sometimes your opponent will even do this for you) to insta summon the horror onto an objective.

Replacements: Distraction might work better than CoA overall, but CoA is more fun.


Great fortitude, sudden growth, eldricht ward, spectral armor, survival instincts: Your warband is super squishy, here is some protection.

Blazing soul: Inspiring K'charik or Vortemis is important, but tough. Here is some help. Throw it away if both are inspired already.


Empowered sorcery, gloryseeker, Archers focus: Your offensive upgrades. The 2 latter will mostly go on Vortemis, but can sometimes be used to turn the horror into a real threat for some warbands. Gloryseeker also works wonders for K'charik, allowing him to 1 shot 4 health fighters.


DIsturbing presence: The joker in the deck. Put it on the horror. Will sometimes win you games almost on its own. Combine with Center of attention for lols.



Unlike with most objective based warbands, If you win the roll, 90% of the time it will be preferable for you to let your opponent have the 3 objectives and choose the board orientation, and in that case always go for the long boarded set up (I've heard some say that corner to corner is farther on the diagnoal setup, and while that is probably correct, I'm sure the average distance from your fighters to the oppnents fighters are longer on a long boarded sut up. If someone want to do the maths and prove me wrong in the comments, I'd be very happy.)


Board choices are very important. The best boards are usually:

Long boarded set up: The mirror well and the shattered tower (Vortemis and K'charik goes in the adjacent hexes furthest from your opponent)


Reactionary board: Shyshian stardial (best one by far), Penintents throne:


Boards and their names: https://www.underworldsdb.com/boards.php


For objective placement, consider the following principles:
- Try to keep them next to your starting hexes for sidestep and mischevious spirits.

- Keep them as far as you can from your opponent.

- Use them to deny your opponent the opportunity to place a lethal hex behind vortemis/k'charik.



- You always deploy as far away from the opponent as you can with all your fighters.

- Deploying K'charik next to vortemis gives you the chance to inspire K'charik with arcane transposition or the off spell attack.

- Vortemis should be deployed as far from your opponents as possible. If you loose him early, you just loose.


The game:

You'll have to figure this out for your self because it is all dependent on the cards and your opponent.


Ok, so you are probably not gonna win any grand-clashes with this deck, but if that was your ambition you probably wouldn't be playing nine. The deck will take some practice, but is very rewarding once you get the hand of it.


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