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Tabletop - Post Krushas/Morg


Hello everyone !


After seeing that there was no up-to-date Rippa's deck here, I decided to post mine after a Reddit post about how it was built step by step.


This is a competitive deck for Rippa's Snarlfangs using Perfect Match.


Since Perfect Match needs to score objectives easily, it's a really passive deck that relies on drawing cards, getting on guard, moving, hold a few objective... and killing as a last resort once Perfect Match is secured.


the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

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deck building guide

Playing this deck from last few weeks and previous versions of it for the past six months, adapting it through the new cards & banlists, I feel like this version is the most solid and reliable one!


The surge objectives all are really easy to score, especially with this warband and it's great move potential. The combo Defensive Manoeuvre + Buried Instinct + Hunting Band allows you to score Abundance of Caution fairly easily, and Show of Force combo pretty well with Loaded with Plunder.


The end phase are pretty reliable as well, especially Master of Battle that you'll score in 1 activation using the wolf reaction, and can combo with any movement-based surge (Cover Ground, Gathered Momentum, Calculated Risk...) and Catching Up is there to help you start a tough game or just take advantage of the fact that you'll let the first activation to your opponent most of the time. If you're getting to snowball in the early game, it will generally be the objective you'll throw away.


The whole power deck is there to try and keep you alive as long as possible, because being wiped is basically the worst thing that can happen to you.


Complete guide on how the deck has been built here :


You must always keep in mind that Perfect Match means that you must score everything (except maximum one objective) so this allows you to go up to 14 glory almost every game.


And while this will be enough to deal with most aggro deck because you're tanky and will play far behind on your side against those match-ups; dealing with fast-scoring objective decks such as the Grymwatch or some Gitz and Sepulchral Guard decks will be a bit more complicated because of how hard it is to keep up with them. In those case, most of the time you'll want to send 1 or 2 guy(s) in the opponent's territory to disturb him, deny objectives, do some damage with the amberbone weapons, etc...


The worst thing that can happen is basically having a starting hand like Perfect Match - Loaded with Plunder - anything. Because it wil block you for a while and not allow you to snowball as much as you want to.


Overall, you'll play this deck in a very passive way and try to stay on your side, taking objectives, moving, drawing cards and getting on guard as much as possible to secure Perfect Match, as soon as it is done you'll act to disturb your opponent or try to get some extra glory with kills.


Hope you like this deck!


Feel free to ask or say anything down in the comments!


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How does this solve Zarbag Gits or GrymWatch objective play?
I think the deck idea is pretty cool but I don't understand why there is so much draw in the deck. What are you fishing for? Would to the end or the avatar risen be an option for you with this much draw in the deck?
Didn't find any button to answer directly to a comment so I'll post this one and answer the two first questions (with a bit of delay I know)
"How does this solve Zarbag Gitz or the Grymwatch objective play ?"
By your playstyle. You will hold at least one objective, probably two objective most of the game so it will at least deny a few ones (even if three is the sweet spot, I know that.) then, the amberbone weapons are REALLY effective against them since in one shot them and gives you two glory. For example scoring all the deck + two amberbone kills is 20 points, where most objective decks score between 16 and 22 depending on how greedy they are.
This means that against heavy objective focus play you'll have to deny or delay their scoring as much as you can (with distraction, or just driving them back, or sitting on objective while on guard two stop them from taking it back).
But those are tough matchups for everyone and winning always require some mibndgame and objective delaying. It is something that comes with games, knowing your deck and predicting your oppponent's one.
Then, it will depend on both of your starting hands. If you start with something like Perfect Match + Loaded with Plunder + Fire Up you will auto lose ofc, but you will auto lose basically everything. But they'll be as screwed as you if they have a bad hand. At the end of the day there are multiple scenarios :
- You got a good draw and not them -> if they discard they'll score less than you at the end of the game unless they do some magic, if they don't they won't score fast enough to cope and they'll have to discard by the end of the 2nd roud.
- You have bad draw while they have a good one -> you're screwed, as litterally everyone else so not that relevant.
- You have equally good draw -> Amberbone kills and delaying their scoring as long as you can will lead you to a solid position
- You both have a bad draw -> Shitty game
Hope that answer your question. Feel free to ask more if it doesn't.
Still didn't find any button to answer directly to a comment so I'll post this one and answer the two first questions (with a bit of delay I know)
"I think the deck idea is pretty cool but I don't understand why there is so much draw in the deck. What are you fishing for?"

Because you need draw. You need your cards to get on guard for free, you need your extra move to score Cover Ground, you need your extra life to not get wiped...
And two draw is not much in a 10-10 deck. Because drawing 5 cards is exactly what you need to finish your power deck if you play all your cards and draw an entire hand every round (which is what I personnally do in 80% of my games)
And - spoiler - rolling dice is not competitive. Cards are what makes you score basically everything and drawing them for free is huge.

"Would to the end or the avatar risen be an option for you with this much draw in the deck?"
No. Or not without changing a few things. In an Avatar - To The End deck, you'll most of the time play 10-10 with 3 draw to be able to score To The End and eventually the Avatar on the 2nd round.
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