Post-BAR Cursebreakers (Spell Heavy)

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Stormsire's Cursebreakers

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Tabletop - Post BAR4.0


While scrolling through WarhammerDB (pre-PU BAR) for Cursebreaker lists, I realised you could be real cheesy with Averon Stormsire if you stick a bunch of Innate lightning upgrades, Tempest's Might and Well of Power on him.


Stuff you could do included:

  1. Shooting stuff for 3 damage at range 3 with 3 dice

  2. Consistently chuck a bunch of damage spells, like Sphere of Aqshy and Seggut's Salvo, backed by Scorerous Flourish.

  3. Score both Scorcerous Scouring and Unnatural Death at the same time.


Unfortunately, GWS seemed to realise the same thing and put an end to the cheese. Thankfully, you can still consistently toss out damage spells, and Hand of Sigmar meant that Rastus and Ammis could help out too. As with most decks, i intended for the deck to easily score objectives while consistently dealing damage

the deck

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The objective deck was designed to be as easy to score as possible for the Cursebreakers in both aggressive (Change of Tactics, Measured Strike etc.) and passive (Keep Them Guessing, Focal Formation etc.) situations. Measured strike and Focal Formation replaced Calculated Risk and Scorcerous Scouring (thx BAR) from the previous list. Superior Tactician gets to go off pretty often, and Escalation is there because yes.



  1. Hidden Path and Ready for Action are staples

  2. Sidestep, Quick Advance and Commanding Stride provide positioning options for the deck. Sidestep and Quick Advance additionally allows you to save a turn or two on Focal Formation.

  3. 4 damage spells and a Sphere of Ghur round out the gambits and are the core of the deck. With an Innate Lightning, Sphere of Aqshy, Ghur and Abasoth's Withering automatically resolves and guarantees 1 damage/4 dice on attack/inspires your guys. Cry of Thunder and Seggut's Salvo also resolve pretty consistently on Averon with an Innate Lightning.



  1. Faneway Crystal, Gloryseeker and Potion of Rage are staples

  2. Tempest's Might makes Averon scary

  3. Great Strength and Hand of Sigmar allow Ammis and Rastus (especially Rastus) to hit like laser guided trucks

  4. Eldritch Ward is the only "defensive" upgrade in the upgrade deck. It essentially doubles your HP against 2 damage attackers, and prevents you from getting one shotted by an awakened Mollog.

  5. Blessing, Eye of the Storm and Arcane Familiar enables spell slinging and auto inspires an uninispired Ammis or Rastus (i always fail my spell action)


This deck won me my first Shadeglass at a small local tournament against Thundrik's, Magore's and the tree people. Here are some thoughts I had afterwards.


  1. You need to specifically plan around Measured strike and Focal Formation to score them. You may need to choose between them and your other cards (e.g. measured strike or unnatural death? focal formation or magical storm?)

  2. I considered playing Calculated Risk over Change of Tactic as an easier to score objective

  3. Perhaps Sidestep/Quick Advance could be removed for Surge of Vitality, or anti-Mollog tech in the form of Terrifying Visage

  4. I considered dropping an Innate upgrade for Well of Power and removing Sphere of Aqshy for something else, but I could not find a spell gambit I liked

  5. Magical storm is super difficult to score. An "ideal" scenario would be spell action, spell action, Averon shoots and casts a spell. Every step of this scenario is dicey. I honestly do not remember if I scored storm even once. It might make sense to replace this with Combination Strike, since the deck has 6 score immediately objectives.



FOCUS ON SCORING YOUR OBJECTIVES SAFELY. You only have 3 guys and having anyone of them die HURTS because it makes some objectives difficult or impossible to score. Even though an inspired Ammis/Rastus is "on guard" all the time, you only have one dice. Only the crit gods can save you from cleave (everyone has cleave) or two successes. Try not to be too aggressive with your guys. Still, you can look to punish an opponent in a bad position because of all your damage spells and how hard and consistently Ammis and Rastus hits.



Warbands that are good at running in to instagib a guy (Magore's, Mollog) are bad because you just cannot afford to lose a guy. Look to play defensively against such decks (baiting them to charge into unsafe positions, staying out of charge range, only go in safely on your opponent's last activation).


Any warband with mobility and range also pose a challenge as your trucks (Ammis, Rastus) have 3 move and 1 range. Cleave is always bad. Still if you FOCUS ON SCORING YOUR OBJECTIVES SAFELY it should be fine.


The warband excels at picking off 2-3 health characters consistently. The threat of this consistent damage should allow you to FOCUS ON SCORING OBJECTIVES SAFELY


Starting Hands:

Objective wise you don't want to see Magical Storm too early, or have any two objectives that make it difficult for the other to be scored (e.g. keep them guessing & focal formation). Superior Tactician in the opener is fine if the other two cards can be scored. Generally opening with 2 easy/moderate to score objectives is a snap keep


Power card wise look for a hand with no more than 3 upgrades. Other than that, how keepable the hand is depends on your objectives. Because your gambits consist of 4 movement cards and 5 spells, the standard line of play is:

  1. What objective can I score first?

  2. Which upgrade can i play to enable me to better score my objectives/consistently cast my spells?

  3. What gambits can i play to kill his guy/not get killed/score my objectives?


Board selection & Deployment

Mirror Well provides defensive positions even if you lose or win board

Soul Refractor, Shysian Sundial are good for kiting

Otherwise, any board with starting hexes in the middle provide a good neutral position.


I think the list still has a healthy amount of cheese, even after the BAR. Being a relatively new WU player, I hope I provided useful information about building Cursebreakers post-BAR. As usual, remember to FOCUS ON SCORING OBJECTIVES SAFELY


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