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Daniel Skýpala


Tabletop - Post HM/Wurmspat


I want to share with you the deck with which I got 5th place at Prague Open 2020 (44 players).


This is my take on aggressive-control profiteers deck with lots of shooting. Part of deck is for shooting successfully, part for just shooting and part for just scoring objectives, so sometimes you score at least one objective, no matter what you roll (What Armour × Warning Shot).

the deck

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deck building guide


I wanted my objective deck to be super easy to score, to inspire quickly and then start killing.


Headshot, What Armour?, Steady Aim, Warning Shot – These are easy to score with a bit of luck. Scoring:

  • Headshot – Ironhail, because of high number of dice.
  • What Armour? – Lund and Thundrik
  • Steady Aim – Lund, Drakkskewer and Thundrik, for low number of dice and better characteristic (hammers). Can be scored by Alensen’s cutter.
  • Warning Shot – Anyone can do it, but at some games it’s just so hard to score 😁.


Death from Afar, Unexpected Pitfall – Super Easy when killing someone

  • Death from Afar – Sometimes you need to charge, and sometimes drive back from previous attack do the thing.
  • Unexpected Pitfall – Profiteers just love pushing into lethal hexes, because of their low damage. Lots of ploys also helps to score this.


Fired Up, Opening Gambit, Combination Strike, Solid Gains – Scoring for scoring is easy because of immediately objectives and inspires everybody.


Live by the Code – super easy objective for doing nothing.


Keep Chopping – When playing with them you attack all the time, to score your objectives, so this is easy to do.




Seek the Skyvessel, Shadowed Step, Distraction – Great cards compensating their low mobility. Distraction also helps pushing into lethal hexes to score Unexpected Pitfall.


Pit Trap, Toxic Gases, Lethal Ward, Collapse – If enemy fighter has more wounds than they should have, just play these cards. Also helps scoring Unexpected Pitfall.


Haymaker – Makes attacks accurate. You want to play this your last activation to avoid not rolling on defence.


Stand and Shoot – Having free attack is great, especially if it kills enemy fighter and makes his activation wasted. Helps to score Keep Chopping.


Duardin Resilience – Shuts down opponent’s activation, especially hurts high damage figters like Ammis, Hrothgorn or Sepsimus,…




Ancestral Fortitude, Great Fortitude – Great durability boost.


Fighter’s Ferocity, Gloryseeker – Damage bonus. They are great on Ironhail, who can make a great use of his four dice.


Rapid Reload – Having one free attack is nice. Works well with Figter’s Ferocity and Gloryseeker.


Archer’s Focus, Potion of Rage, Spiritbond, Prized Vendetta – Great accuracy upgrades. Each one helps score objectives:

  • Archer’s Focus – Steady Aim, (Headshot), great on Lund and Thundrik, two dice against two dodges is quite hard, so re-roll is welcome
  • Potion of Rage – Headshot, Great on Lund and Thundrik, helps to put higher damage through.
  • Prized Vendetta – Steady Aim and Headshot, Lund and Thundrik for Steady Aim, excellent on Ironhail (headshot)
  • Spiritbond – Steady Aim, put on Lund and Thundrik for steady aim, Ironhail for massive accuracy boost.


– Helps some fighters in the back jump into action




Board placement:


If you win the board roll-off, then you prefer to place the board second.

Take Abandoned Lair, Molten Shardpit and Katphrane’s reliquary when placing board second to have your figters close to enemy.

When placing first Mirror Well, The Cursed Oubliette and Abandoned Lair are great because it doesn’t really matter how opponent rotates them.


Starting hand – Objectives:

  • Warning Shot, Steady Aim, Headshot are great to have because anyone can score them, having Live by the Code, Opening Gambit or Fired Up with them also helps a lot.
  • What Armour? is bit harder because from the beginning only Lund can score it. Death from Afar and Unexpected Pitfall depends on the warband you are playing, less wounds the better. Solid Gains is quite hard to score in the first turn, but possible. Keep Chopping can be very hard with some bad board setups.
  • Bad hand is one filled with End Phase objectives, because you cannot score them fast and inspire your fighters


Discarding your objective hand is very painful, because you can’t score that much glory, but otherwise you’ll be wiped out. (Non-inspired fighters don’t have that many wounds)


Starting hand – Power cards:

More ploys the better. You want at least 3 ploys. Don’t be afraid to discard your power hand, you won’t usually make it to the bottom of your power deck.


Fighter’s placement:

Alensen, Drakkskewer and Lund in the front. Lund scores What Armour?, Drakkskewer belongs before lethal hex, so no one other needs to be there and you can live without Alensen. Lund and Drakkskewer are more durable.


Thundrik and Ironhail in the middle. Without Thundrik’s inspiration you won’t do anything and Ironhail is good fighter after inspiration, but fragile before it.


Playstyle is simple. Just shoot and try to score as many objectives as quickly as you can. The objectives will tell you what to do.


What is great on this deck, is that you can reliably score it and focus on denying your opponent’s glory. Try to inspire fast and shoot everything. Good luck and many crits!


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