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Tabletop - Post FAR2.0


Hello Underworlds fans!


This is my deck guide on how I will initially be playing Rippa’s Snarlfangs.


The Snarlfangs are an aggressive three fighter warband that leverage their high speed and flurry of attacks in order to pick their fights and hit the right targets hard. They are also the first all Hunter warband, meaning they can utilize a number of powerful hunter cards with no difficulty.


They are an interesting warband because unlike most of the other three fighter warbands, their stat allocation is much more invested in their speed than defensive abilities, and their damage potential is high via their wolf attacks but not initially very reliable. They also have some great faction cards.


The way I am playing them with this deck is with a large focus on mobility, durability, and attack accuracy in order to make any fighter a threat, with enough anti-objective tech thrown in to give objective warbands Thorns and Grymwatch some trouble.


If you’ve enjoyed playing Farstriders, or Ylthari’s Guardians, this warband ticks some of the same boxes as those warbands (cagey game play + precise targeted strikes) while still providing enough of their own nuance via their wolf attacks, reliance on supporting one another, and generally solid fighter stats.


[Edit Notes: With the FAR2.0 I've made a number of changes.

  • Keep Them Guessing is gone, replaced with Fired Up.
  • I replaced No Mercy with Steady Assault, as I think it's more reliable.
  • I removed Aggressive Defence, Mirror Move, and Transfixing Stare and put in Pit Trap, Spectral Wings, and Desperate Flight to add some mobility and damage.
  • I took out Spiritbond, Circling Hunter, Trophy Belt, and Embittered Survivor, and put in Prized Vendetta, Loping Strides, and Crown of Avarice.
  • These changes got me down to 10/10 in my power deck, which is nice, and 15 glory, which isn't as ideal, but I hope to have enough disruption and killing power to do well despite that.


the deck

(you can click the image for a deck builder link)

deck building guide

This deck combines control and aggro elements in order to reduce the amount of glory the other player can score via disrupting their goals, and attacking them where they are the weakest. The objective deck supports an aggressive playstyle but still contains enough passive scoring to play cagey when needed. The power deck supports this through control tech, and helps keep your fighters alive and kicking (or biting) long enough for their aggression to win out.



Conquered Land - A great reward for holding 1-2 objectives.


Cruel Hunters - A great card against the bigger warbands. Harder vs the smaller ones, but worth the reward when you do score it.


Loaded with Plunder - A great reward for doing what you were going to anyway--piling upgrades onto Rippa


Plunderers - A solid end phase card, and made very easy once you have started losing fighters.


Opening Gambit - An easy card to score for any warband.


Calculated Risk - This one can actually be risky for this warband since you don’t want to lose your fighters, but it is so easy to score it’s usually worth it.


Fired Up - Very easy to score.


Strong Start, Gathered Momentum, Brought to Bay, Steady Assault, and Leading the Charge - All solid and easy to score cards this warband once you in the thick of things, and importantly can be scored together in the same activation.


Power Cards:

The cards in this deck provide a mixture of accuracy, durability, and disruption tech to mess up the other player’s game plan.


Defensive Manoeuvre - A great card for a number of reasons. Guard is great for high health fighters because you can avoid extra damage from lethal hexes or cards like Snare and Pit Trap. The push is also great for repositioning a fighter, or creating some distance between a target after a failed Snarlfang Jaws attack.


Furious Reprisal - An amazing additional attack card. It’s only weakness is being driven back out of range or getting one shot, but this deck has a number of ways to get around that.


Narrow Escape - This card is great because most opponent’s will usually be planning to do exactly the amount of damage needed to kill your fighters, and this card can really throw a wrench in their plans.


Vindictive Attack - A great accuracy card. Haymaker without any of the downsides.


Desperate Flight - A great way to help close a distance in the power step, which can allow you to make attacks instead of having to charge in an activation.


Pit Trap, Snare - Great damage cards


Restless Prize - One of the best cards in the game right now, practically required in most decks. Use it to mess up the enemy’s objective holding strategy, or push an unwanted objective out of your territory for help score Conquered Land.


Distraction - A great card for pushing enemy fighters around, use it to disrupt enemy positioning.


Spectral Wings, Loping Strides - Great extra mobility and a way to score gathered momentum uninspired.


Great Strength - Sometimes you just need to hit a little harder.


Potion of Rage, Prized Vendetta - Great accuracy boosts when you really need to get a particular kill.


Bonded - This warband gets a lot of support due to their 3 dice attack and wolf attacks needing the accuracy, making this a great for them for them. It also makes their inspired defence dice much more reliable.


Larval Lance - Mediocre early game, but a much needed damage boost in the later turns, especially if you lose Rippa too early.


Nullstone Sword - Effectively turns one of the other Wolves into another Rippa.


Sudden Growth, Spectral Armour - Added durability to keep your precious fighters around.


Survival Instincts - Guard is great for these fighters and their double Dodge dice, as well as for keeping them from being driven back.


The Snarlfangs are an aggro/control warband at their core. Their low numbers and average durability make them unsuited for objective play, though you may frequently end up standing on objectives in order to block your opponent’s plays. Their durability is average, with 4 wounds and 1 block going to 2 dodge once inspired.


Against aggressive warbands that may out-brawl them, the Snarlfangs will need to use their speed, range, and control tech to pick their battles until they have the right cards and upgrades to hit the enemy hard. Against objective or control warbands, their speed allows them to strike exactly where they need to, their disruption cards help stop the high glory scoring, and their durability allows them to weather a bit of counter attack.


Generally, Rippa is the fighter that will accomplish the most, with the other two fighters primarily supporting and distracting for him. You want to play him more aggressively than the other two, but also try not to put him in lethal danger right away. If he survives to mid game without being attacked, you should have scored a number of glory by them and upgraded him to the point he becomes scary to most fighters. If he is targeted early, the other two fighters will inspire and become scarier themselves.


As you play, try to determine what the other player is trying to accomplish, and counter their plans with your actions. If you are against Grymwatch, try to stop their inspire and block their objectives. If you are against Mollog, split up to try and avoid him and kill the squigs until it’s time to focus him down. If you are against Magore’s, focus on scoring your passive scores and kill them as they move in. Glory denial and strategic counterplay are what this warband excels at, so make the most of it.


Well, that's it for my deck guide on the Snarlfangs. I hope you find it useful :-)


If you try out the deck, let me know how it goes. If you make any changes you think make the deck even better, I'd love to hear about that as well.


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