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Tabletop - Post FAR1.0


Hi there,


I'm Bartek (or Gorah on Discord) and I've finished 3rd in latest Warhammer World Grand Clash. Here's the deck I've used for that run - have fun poking at it.


I've been running fairly successful offensive Profiteers list just up until Beastgrave release. With card rotation and restriction limit lowered to 3 cards my list lost a lot of their key tools. I've been considering how to adjust the list to fit new reality and inspiration came from our local TP player. Daniel has been running his TP built on tomes. He's been seeing some mixed results, where solid performances were met with games where he struggled to play his game. My guess was that he's been building his list a bit too defensively - these guys need to go there and pack some punch in order to be relevant. So I've chosen to utilize my experience from playing aggro TP and put my own twist to the idea of Tomes Thundrik.

the deck

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With the limit of surge objectives set to 6 in championship format odds of getting nice surge hand to inspire quickly went down a notch. Situation isn't bad though. It is possible to block your hand, but odds are that you will be able to inspire some of your fighters in round1 (or worst case at the end of it). One of my main goal was to ensure decent glory floor for the deck. Acolyte brings solid glory kick in r3, but it is entirely possible to loose tomebearer or not draw enough tomes to make a difference. That's why I chose to treat Acolyte as a supplement/finisher, rather than main thing to rely upon for my glory generation.


Having restricted cards limited severely I chose to go for Calculated Risk as my 2nd restricted objective. It's easy to score, can be done passively and in best scenario you can score it without spending an activation thanks to Seek the Skyvessel. Other than that I've taken a mix of fairly standard TP surge objectives, Live by the Code, as this is essentially free glory in most of cases.


Additionally I've went with Path to Victory - it's really great objective. Having range 3 makes standing on 2 objectives fairly easy.

Keep Chopping is another great objective - make 4 attacks and you don't even have to hit? I'll take it.

Fired Up just came off from restricted list and it's almost free glory as well. I love that I can use it without spending restricted slot again.

Combination strike is a small force multiplier for extra glory.


This brings me to 15 glory total without Acolyte and 21 glory with 6 tomes as max glory from objective deck. It's pretty decent base to go into town and start shooting monsters.



Seek the Skyvessel, Two Steps Forward, Sidestep - mobility! Kharadrons really need it. And it's super useful tool to get in range, get on an objective or deny enemy fighters range.

Haymaker, Sitting target - accuracy tech. Extra dice are nice to fish for crits if Ironhail is dead. So this not only helps hitting, but also makes scoring Headshot easier. Sitting target is also great to snipe high dodge, high value targets.

Transfixing Stare, Lethal Ward, Restless Prize, Toxic Gases, Duardin Resilience - distruption ploys. They help to disrupt enemy plans. Restless prize can help get onto objective with your own models.

Frenzied Search - draw tech. With 22 cards in power deck this is very valuable tool to get most important pieces drawn.



6 tomes - they are mostly there for Acolyte glory generation. However Tome of Glories or Tome of Offerings have potential to provide extra points faster. Tome of Vitality is also an extra wound, which is great to have.

Rapid Reload, Fighters Ferocity - this is mostly Ironhail tech. Turns him into a really scary sharpshooter.

Archers Focus - another card that returned from restriction list. Excellent accuracy buff.

Faneway Crystal - mobility. Helps travel across the boards. Helps score Path to Victory and use Frenzied Search.

Crown of Avarice - Glory denial. This upgrade is so good everyone should use it.


This list is flexible in playstyle, however works best when it is applying pressure on the opposing models. Thanks to amazing range and great toolset of ploys Thundriks can seriously disrupt opponents plans and/or get in range to start shooting even more defensively deployed models. They work best if they can draw enemy models in and swamp them with lead.

Drakkskewer offers excellent threat - he has 3 damage and threat range of 6 hexes. If deployed forward can offer strong flanking support or threaten important models that are deployed defensively. He simply cannot be ignored. Key thing is to not be too defensive. In current meta there's a lot of mobility and a lot of glory from holding objectives. Too pasive play will put you so far behind on glory that it might not be possible to recover. And with current mobility that best warbands posses it still might not guarantee your tome bearers safety. Best defense is a good offense. Treat tomes as extra push, not your salvation. The list has 15 glory in the deck without them and it should alone (+kills) give a good chances for a victory. Tomes provide this extra push to help in clutch situations or to exert full domination.


Hardest matchups are ones where opponent would deploy on full offset and denies you the opportunity to shoot him - and by this - to score objectives.

It is also important to keep your key fighters secure - at least until they've done their job. Ideally it's good to have a wide board setup and deploy somewhere towards center of your board, so you can try to deny opponent a charge, but have a range for your own attack move.


For full aggro bands it's advised to hang back and let them come to the shooting range.


Overall as opposed to standard tome decks this one offers fair share of flexibility. It doesn't rely only on tomes. It has the tools to generate fair amount of glory without them. It is a bit harder, as most of the tomes don't bring much value in terms of glory scoring or helping your game. But with Profiteers range and fairly decent gambit toolbox there's a room for a lot of interesting plays.


Mobility is a key thing to be considered. Those dwarves are slow. If you can get some early inspiration, then it is improving, but still... they are slow. This has to be considered especially for things where attack range doesn't help - like lethal hexes (so you can score Calculated Risk - tricky with move 2), objective tokens or where enemy territory is.


But the main key is: you cannot be too defensive. 5-6 wounds and 2 defense sure looks good, but it's not that difficult to deal enough damage to kill Thundrik quickly. With good offense threat to Thundrik is getting smaller with every shot you land. And you get glory. How awesome is that?


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