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Skaeth's Wild Hunt

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Tabletop - Post FAR2.0


Helloooo. This is my current Wild Hunt deck.


Wild Hunt are a very cool warband that in many ways remind me of one of my other favorite warbands, the Godsworn Hunt, because they are fast, aggressive, and flexible. They are not as explosive as the Godsworn Hunt due to their different inspire mechanic, but have more durability and rely less on having the right upgrades in hand.


I have updated this guide to the Post FAR2.0 format rules, and believe it is competitive in the current meta.

the deck

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deck building guide

The deck itself is fairly straight forward, taking advantage of the best of the Wild Hunt's faction cards and Nightvault Universals, with Snare thrown in from the Beastgrave Universals.


The general strategy of the deck is an aggro one, but we'll go through each card pick in some detail.


Objectives: 16 overall glory.


  • Calculated Risk - This is an easy score, and now that you can place your own lethal hexes, it doesn't effect your board picks. An obvious auto include in almost any deck (except Thorns and Lady Harrows, lol).
  • Fired Up, Great Gains, Keep Chopping, Opening Gambit - These cards all reward you for doing what this warband wants to do anyway (charge and inspire) and for scoring other cards or scoring glory.
  • Hunts End ( Hybrid: Score this in an end phase If: An enemy fighter with a Wounds characteristic of 4 or greater is out of action Or: Your warband holds three or more objectives. ) - An amazing end phase card that you will likely score against any warband other than Godsworn and Gitz. The second condition for holding 3 objectives is very difficult, but might be possible in some situations.
  • Purifying Rites (Score this in an end phase if your warband holds all objectives in one or more player's territory) - A reprint of the Guardian's Reclaim the Lamentiri, this is a great End phase card that should be scorable by holding one objective through careful objective placement (no one's territory is your friend) and use of Abasoth's Unmaking. Remember that you can either hold the objectives in yours or the enemy's territory.
  • Run Down, Run Through - These all reward you for killing enemy fighters, something this warband loves doing.
  • Brought to Bay - A great card that you are very likely to score given the aggro nature of this warband and eveyone that matters being a hunter.
  • Gathered Momentum - Very easy to score with how fast this warband is, and helped by the range on Skaeth and Althaen.
  • Swift Capture - Fairly easy to score with your speed and range, and it encourages you to block enemy objectives, which you should be doing anyway.



  • Abasoth's Unmaking - There to help score Purifying Rites and deny enemy scoring.
  • Snare, Pit Trap, Inspired Attack - These cards help you kill the enemy.
  • Pounce, Hunt in Concert - Very powerful mobility and push cards for positioning your fights.
  • Restless Prize, Distraction, Mirror Move, Mischievous Spirits - Powerful cards for stopping enemy objective scoring and setting up your own scores.



  • Gloryseeker, Potion of Rage, Eye of Kurnoth, Great Strength - These cards all boost the damage and accuracy of the warband.
  • Crown of Avarice - Great for punishing the other player for killing your fighter and giving them inefficient target priority choices.
  • Fast Shot - A very powerful card for Althaen. Give her this card and Gloryseeker and she quickly becomes a monster.
  • Hale Charm - A great durability card, use this to make killing your fighters require more investment from your opponent. It will usually go on Skaeth, but can also work on the others if you have already removed the enemy's sources of high damage.
  • Sudden Growth, Great Fortitude - Use these in combination with Hale Charm to make your fighters harder to kill.
  • Trophy Belt - Use this, probably on Skaeth, to get some more sweet sweet glory from your kills.


The Wild Hunt are an aggressive warband, with high mobility, range, and accuracy. With the exception of the leader Skaeth, they are all fairly fragile, so positioning and target priority are the keys to success.


In the first round, the challenge for this warband is inspiring as many fighters as possible without losing anyone that is too important. Once inspired, your stats are quite good and killing the enemy should be much easier.


Use Lighaen as bait to attract early charges, score martyred, and charge onto enemy objectives. He isn't very useful, but if allowed to inspire he can become very annoying against dodge warbands.


Keeping Karthaen alive is a priority for this deck because he is the only wizard and only source of 3 damage. Try to charge in with him later in the first round, and only if you know he will be safe from enemy retaliation.


Sheoch is useful but fairly expendable if it means inspiring the rest of your other fighters. If he does happen to survive to the next round, he becomes very scary.


Althaen's range makes her fairly easy to inspire without losing her, and once inspired she is very deadly to dodge warbands. Fast Shot, Gloryseeker, Snare, and Pit Trap all make her very deadly.


Skaeth is a powerful fighter, but it is important to inspire him safely in the first round so that he gains the defense he needs to brawl the enemy in the second and third rounds. Use his javelin to charge at range if charging into melee range will put him in too much danger. Once inspired, pile on the upgrades to make him more dangerous, and use mobility cards like Pounce to attack with him multiple times. Spiritbond, Hale Charm, and Great Strength all turn him into a force to be reckoned with.


Once inspired, focus on positioning to avoid losing your important fighters and and target priority to remove the opponent's biggest threats or their sources of scoring objectives.


That is it for my deck build and guide for "Skaeth's Wiggle Hunt" and I hope you found it useful.


If you try this deck, or make any tweaks to it, let me know how it goes.


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