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Wlecome to my deck guard for the Sepulchral Guard in Warhammer Underworlds Online!


The Sepulchral Guard are a great warband in the current version of WUO due to their high glory cap, powerful faction ploys, a unique inspire mechanic, and great inspired stats. They win games by holding objective tokens, killing the enemy fighters, and controlling the board with their superior numbers.


I consider this deck to be primarily a "hold objective" style deck, with smatterings of "aggro" and "control" styles sprinkled in to create a "flex" style deck. For more information on the three primary play-styles in Underworlds as defined by the designers, I recommend this great article on the Can You Roll A Crit? blog.

the deck

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deck building guide

The strategy of this deck is to control objectives on the board, and keep the enemy fighters out of your territory. To do so, the gambits and upgrades are focused on mobility or offensive power.


Objective Cards:


A good objective deck should always be as cohesive as possible, and reward you for doing things you want to be doing anyway. For Sepulchral Guard, their strengths are in numbers, so holding objectives is a great way to generate glory. They are also pretty good at fighting, and will have to do that as the game progresses, so it's worth taking some cards that reward you for that as well. It also has quite a lot of glory in it (19 total) which helps you make up for losing fighters and allows you to toss out cards you don't think you can score.


Supremacy, Tactical Supremacy 1-2, Tactical Supremacy 3-4, Hold Objective 1, Hold Objective 4 - These cards either ask you to stand on specific objectives, or to just hold three objectives. You won't always be able to do this on a given turn, but should remember you have these cards in your deck and always work towards standing on those objectives. If you don't think you can score them ever due to the objective placement, just toss them out.


Denial - This is the only third end phase objective in the deck, and can be a very nice boost in the third round, especially if you did not have 3 objectives on your side of the board. Because it is likely to be very common in the meta right now, you will always want to assume the other player has it as well and plan to deny theirs.


Battle Without End - This card is worded a little strangely (it was FAQ'd at one point and changed to the current wording), but basically means you score it if you raise two fighters from the dead in one round, or the same fighter twice. This can be with the warden's action, or with the card Restless Dead. Since you will likely be bringing fighters back throughout the game, this card is fairly reliable.


More able Bodies, Skills Unforgotten, Crushing Force - These cards reward you for killing enemy fighters, which frequently needs to happen as you defend your territory and secure objectives.


March of the Dead - A good card early in the game, when you can afford to move your fighters with the Warden's action, ideally onto objectives. Be aware a charge counts as a move, so ideally you can do two Warden actions, lose a fighter that did not move, and then charge with the other two fighters.


Chosen Champion - This card is usually possible to score by the second round, and is made easier by your ability to bring back fighters that have died.


Gambit Cards (Ploys):


The deck's ploy cards allow your fighters to kill important targets and position themselves onto objectives.


Hidden Paths, Spectral Wings, Sidestep, - These cards help you close distances, reach objectives, or avoid enemies.


Ceaseless Attacks, The Necromancer Commands, Fuelled by Fury - These cards help you kill important enemy fighters.


Confusion, Distraction, Terrifying Screams - These cards help you clear enemy fighters off the objectives you need.


Restless Dead - This card lets you bring an important fighter back in the power step, which can be very powerful.




The upgrades in the deck increase the warband's speed, damage, and durability, as well as provide an additional late game glory boost.


Deathly Charge, Great Strength, Grim Cleave, Lethal Lunge, Heroslayer - These cards increase your ability to deal damage and kill enemy fighters.


Frighting Speed - A great movement card.


Great Fortitude - A solid durability card.


The Blazing Key, The Dazzling Key, The Fractured Key - End game glory boosts.



The strategy for this deck usually depends on if you have three objectives (the person who chooses the first board gets to place the three objectives) or not. If you do, you can afford to play a bit defensively and go for big scores like Supremacy and the two Tactical Supremacy cards while defending your board from the other player.


If you do not have three objectives, your primary goal changes to scoring Denial at the end of the game, with a secondary goal of making your way to the far off objectives to score those cards.


Keep in mind which numbers you need (1, 4, 1-4, and 2-3) and plan to get on those objectives whether you have the cards in hand at first or nor.


When you deploy your fighters, you will want to put the Champion, Prince, and Harvester in the front, as they are a bit harder to kill than your Petitioners, and if they do die, are worth bringing back for their inspired stats. You will use these fighters to bully the other player, and reach the far off objectives.


Put the Warden behind these three fighters where he can be relatively safe, because you do not want to lose him, especially early on in the game. You will probably want to use him in combat, but ideally you will wait until he had inspired and gained a few upgrades, and even then you will want to make sure the kill is worth the risk.


The Petitioners should be placed as far back as possible, within two hexes of the objectives on your board. Their main use it to hold these objectives. You really don’t want them to die, since they aren’t really worth spending an action to bring back.

Your first activation should usually be moving your petitioners onto objectives, and then you can just leave them there the entire game. After that, move forward with your three good fighters, pushing the enemy back and distracting them from your objective holding. As you move and charge the enemy, make sure you are constantly moving closer to objectives you need, and try to be in range for the next round if you know you will need to hold them.


As you do this, you will want to make sure that the only targets you are giving the enemy fighters are the Champion, Prince, and Harvester. You actually want these fighters to die at some point because you can bring them back with much better stats.


You also have a number of tricks you can do with your fighters that might take the enemy by surprise:

If one of your fighters is out of action, you can surprise the enemy by bringing them back to life with Restless Dead and then charge in with better stats.


If an enemy fighter charges into your range and fails to hit, you can charge with another fighter and use Ceaseless Attacks to attack with both fighters.


If the other player places an objective in the back of their board on the edge, save Hidden Paths for the last activation and teleport a fighter in to hold it.


That's it for my first WUO deck guide!


If try out the deck, let me know!


Thanks for reading!


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