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Craig Sargent


WU:Online - Post-Thorns


I'm Craig, only really got into WHU when the Grymwatch came out but have been playing Underworlds Online since the early release version was available. I've played in most of the weekly tournaments and made it to the knock out stages several times. Apparently I'm known for this deck so I thought I'd share it.


Caveat: This deck isn't very competitive as it's too reliant on dice and 1 fighter but it's a lot of fun and can take people off guard if they're not prepared for Skritch sometimes attacking 3 or 4 times in a round.

the deck

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deck building guide

This is the deck that I used in the last weekly tournament (i think) and it can be a lot of fun going full turbo Skritch.

The idea of the deck was to hard counter how people played against objective Skaven and to hit them right back when they're not really expecting the amount of damage the deck can put out.

Most of the combos are obvious, such as charging with Skritch so you are next to 2 other fighters to then charge again using Momentary Boldness (probably my favourite card).


The key is keeping Skritch alive and knowing when to pull the trigger and start attacking, sometimes this can be the middle of round 2, but if you go to early, you risk losing Skritch and then the only backup in the deck is Shadeglass Dagger for taking down 4 wound fighters which are quite common.


It's also important to not be worried about being behind on glory as with the right cards, you can score 3 or 4 glory in 1 attack with Skritch and he has the ability to 1 shot any fighter in the current online game.


There is scope to increase the number of cards in the deck and add some fringe cards such as My Turn (but generally people kill your rats outright so I found it wasn't really useful in a lot of games) or Shardgale (enables you to 1 shot 4 wound fighters with an inspired Skritch with no upgrades but is risky against anyone in range to the play My Turn as a reaction). Another set of upgrades would be the keys but generally I haven't found them useful and rely on the offensive upgrade cards.


In relation to adding more cards, I've got the deck at 10/10 to increase the consistency as much as possible.


In short, Skritch is the only important rat in this build, all the others can die and it's fine, they can be used to draw in charges and also scoring the hold objective cards which will get you early glory if you dont have spoils of battle in hand to get you up to 4 damage on inspired Skritch. At worst you can bring most of them back anyway if needs be and to get those late game hard to reach objectives if the cards come out in an unfavourable order.


Good matchups - thorns and other skaven as they have more fighters and so are generally deployed closer to your leader. They also mainly have dodge defence and lower wounds so it's easier to get quick kills, just watch out for the queen and the opposing Skritch, I've played games where I've not charged to save myself from being counter charged and it's gone to round 3 before I make my move


Bad matchups - Orcs and Magores as they're big and tough and can be hard to put down, they also require you to have at least 1 of the strength upgrades on an inspired Skritch which some games just seems to take forever.


Board selection - Stardial all day every day and then Shattered Tower for game 2 and pray it doesn't go to game 3. If it does, then any board that has 2 hexes adjacent is fine.


Deployment - you want Skritch at the back of the board in the corner either next to another fighter for playing Confusion or on an edge hex for Hidden Paths when it's go time. All the others just need to be as far away from the enemy fighters as possible. And always always offset as much as possible if you're setting up the position of the boards, yes yes. This also helps give the illusion you don't want to be up close and personal with the other warband when really you're just luring them in to a narrow passage like the 300. If only the other rats were as resilient as Gerard Butler and his friends.


If you don't have at least 1 of the movement cards such as sidestep, distraction, illusory fighter or hidden paths then you have to ditch your opening hand and youre playing a dangerous game and run the risk of the other player playing Hidden Paths and splatting your top rat before he gets a chance to get going.


It's fun and can do very well but it's pretty squishy too and be prepared to lose a rat in the first round unless your opponent is turtle-ing or placed at the back of the boards.


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