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This guide is a part of my Warband Unbound series for the Nightvault factions (including Reavers and Steelheart's, since they were repacked with Nightvault Cards).


These decks consists only of cards found in the Warband box plus cards from the Power Unbound card pack, and are aimed at giving new players a good starting place to learn the faction and understand the basics of the game.


Be aware that these decks do not hold up against decks made of full collections, and will be unlikely to win any tournaments, but they are good for learning the game, playing casually against similar decks, and can act as a starting point for deck evolution as you obtain more cards.

the deck

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The objectives of a deck usually shape it's play-style, and this one is mostly aggressive, with some control elements.


Consecrated Area, Quick on Your Feet, and Sigmar's Bulwark are good in the early rounds when you will want to play more defensively.


Seize Ground is do-able once it is time to be aggressive.


Strong Start, Spike, Lightning Strikes, Slayers of Tyrants, Champions All, and Awe-Inspiring all require kills.


Combination Strike rewards you for scoring your other cards.


Singled out is fairly easy to score once the glory starts flowing.


Gambits and Upgrades:


The Gambits and Upgrades in the deck generally make your fighters harder to kill (Heroic Guard, Baffling Illusion, Blessed by Sigmar, Champion's Fortitude, Spiritbond) or help their attacks hit harder and land more reliably (Spiritbond, Prized Vendetta, Righteous Strike, Fatal Riposte, Tireless Assault, Upper Hand, Inspired Attack, Haymaker).


Blazing Soul and Regal Vision allow you to inspire your fighters before they are attacked, which greatly increases their survivability.


Peal of Thunder is great for disrupting enemy positioning, objective holding, and so on.


Stormforged Tactics and Heroic Strike provide your fighters with some movement flexibility.


Nullstone Darts gives your fighters a bit of range.


The general strategy for this deck is to play defensively in the first round, letting the other player come to you. Ideally you can score some of Consecrated Area, Quick on Your Feet, or Sigmar's Bulwark, and perhaps inspire one of your fighters with Regal Vision, and then go aggressive in the next two rounds.


Depending on the match-up, your fighters are more or less important based on their abilities. Brightshield is great against low health Warbands since her attack is the most accurate, but low damage. Obryn is great against higher health Warbands and Warbands with block defense because of his cleave. Steelheart himself is a bit of a generalist, with his inspired AOE attack being good vs the larger Warbands, and his 3 damage attack (which you can boost to 4 with Inspired Attack and Righteous Zeal) being scary for anyone. So, depending on the match up, it will usually be a good idea to lead with the less important fighter, and put more focus upgrading the ones that are better against that enemy. 


I think that's it for my "Steelheart's Unbound" starter deck guide. Thanks for reading.


If you try it, let me know how it goes in the forum comments.


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