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Hello fellow Underworlder!

This guide will walk you to victory using one of the most complex (and funniest) warbands to play.


Many players make the mistake of using the Sepulchral Guard trying to attack / win fights with it.
The reality is that this warband cannot compete with others on the brute force level, but it excels in controlling the objectives.

So welcome to the brave who love pure and mere strategy, taking advantage only of the correct spots where to exercise healthy violence. ;)

the deck

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deck building guide

I started playing with the Sepulchral Guard because I love challenges and deep tactics, not being satisfied with just "attack, attack, pass".


This deck / warband combination allows you to throw very few dice, and as a result you are less in the hands of the Goddess Luck.


Each failure / success largely depends on the choices we are going to make.


As you can see, objective cards are mainly based on the control of the objectives themselves. I don't have much to say about it but we will delve into the discussion below, talking about the various phases of the game.



  • March of the dead is an excellent goal during the first phase of action, as it will give us the opportunity to use some equipment right away and obviously goes in synergy with the control objectives.
  • Peerless general is a situational card, suitable only if we suffer heavy losses during the game and do not want to use our power to revive the dead. Feel free to exchange it for other tech cards.
  • Unforgotten Skills can allow us to score points in case we have an almost certain opportunity to kill someone with our Warden (who once inspired and with the right ploys / upgrades becomes really strong).
  • Denial is really strong in mirror matches or against conservative players. Excellent to keep in the first phase of action, it loses value in the following phases.



  • Trap+Twist the knife+an inspired warrior=sure kill. Don't waste those ploys!
  • Hidden paths can earn you possession of an objective in the opponent's field. Don't underestimate this card!
  • Ceaseless attacks + The necromancer commands + two of your undead heroes near enemies = certain kill.
  • The other movement ploys: use them to push opponents away from the objectives of your interest or to force them to charge. Use your additional movement for decisive charges or to achieve an important objective for you.



  • Keys are the key! What may seem like a play on words is actually the greatest truth in the correct use of this deck. They must be played during the last turn of the last action phase on the correct miniatures, but if well used they will win your game on their own. REMEMBER TO LEAVE SOME UNUSED EQUIPMENT POINTS!
  • Demonic Weapon always on the Prince of the Dust!
  • Light armour always on the Harvester!


The game style of this version of the Sepulchral Guard tends towards passive: it is played mainly in our half of the game board, scoring the goals that we will have put as far as possible towards the bottom.


A fundamental part of the game is the first mullingan of objective cards: in the event that they do not correspond with the objectives present in our game board and we do not have March of the dead in hand, the mulligan becomes mandatory.

The same thing can be said about the KEYS: if those we have in hand do not correspond to our objectives, they must be discarded as soon as possible.


The 3 petitioners must be lined up behind, ready to take the targets. Our 3 heroes (the Champion, the Harvester and the Prince of Dust) must be deployed forward: we'll try to have at least one killed during the first phase, and to resurrect him with our Warden. The inspired Harvester is a true force of nature in the right hands.


Protect your Warden until Phase 3, then use it to secure some kills.


This is more or less everything: if you are a thoughtful player and you don't like being in the hands of the Goddess Luck, the Sepulcher Guard is the warband for you. Do not expect easy successes, but certainly exciting challenges that you can overcome especially thanks to your brain ... with a little help from the dice! :)


For any advice or test game, you can find me on the official WUO discord: i'm Leerondal.


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