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Tabletop - Post Power Unbound


[Editor's Note - Wigglefish: I asked Wojtek if he would write a guide to his 6-round undefeated Thundrik's Profiteer's Deck from the July two day Grand Clash deck and he was kind enough to do so. He was one of only 3 players to go undefeated during the first 5 rounds on day one.]




Till the very end I was not sure which warband to choose as most of the games I have played were with

Cursebreakers. But the recent release of Power Unbound messed with everything.


Long story short: I had more faith in the sky dwarves and I believed they have upper hand over wizards. So why not run them?

the deck

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Change of Tactics, Headshot, What Armour?, Calculated Risk, Superior Tactician, Warning Shot, Keep Them Guessing, Combination Strike - Most of these cards are no-brainer auto-includes for Profiteers. The rest fit in my flex game style because I need some passive glory as well. After the Grand Clash I would swap Master of War for Opening Gambit. Shortcut is perfect with Hidden Paths and Illusory Fighter to make some shenanigans with warrior placement and hit and run strategy.




Hidden Paths, Illusory Fighter, Spectral Wings - supports objectives like shortcut and cover ground.

You can catch defensive opponents off guard or make risky charge and teleport you fighter back to



Distraction, Seek the Skyvessel - Cards which give me great board control and allow me to close or create gap with opponent. Seek the Skyvessel allows you to score Calculated Risk or Cover Ground outside an activation. Seek the Skyvessel and Hidden Paths allow as well scoring Keep Them Guessing more reliable.


Ready for Action doesn't need reasoning. You can do so many things with it, another attack is obvious however this card create much more possibilities for proper positioning, saving your fighter or

finishing off fighters after activation.


Some defensive cards like Rebound serves well to threat alpha strikes. Forceful Denial is 50/50 but it

can ruin your opponent's perfect plan. Best use which I had with it was to stop Shardgale, Illusory Fighter or Hidden Paths. It will not stops gambit spells, but still I like that card.


Upper Hand - I need to help my dice from time to time.


Last but not least: One Step Ahead. That card push Toxic Gases out and it was decision from night

before Grand Clash. We had a lot of discussion about current meta and threat of Acolyte of the Katophranes

was something difficult to ignore. It can stop Superior Tactician as well as most of decks run

Immediate Objectives + AT. It gave me two games with CB and it was potential win in few others.

You still need to be close to your opponent but It can be a swing for victory. Still 50/50 so not OP.




Ancestral Fortitude – increase survivability. Why not to chose Potion of Constitution (will not enable

Gloryseeker and can stop Trap) over it? I go for +1 health as IMO it is better to counter lethal hexes

pushes, 1 damage from gambits, Rapid Reload from Ironhail, Encroaching Shadow and few more



Augmented Buoyancy, Fanewey Crystal – to score Cover Ground and to increase threat range of



Rapid Reload, Archer’s Focus, Gloryseeker, Potion of Rage, Fighter’s Ferocity – all increase chance of hit

and damage output.


Tome of Offerings – extra glory from kill is worth restriction slot.


Tome of Glories – reading a book is beneficial.

I dropped Get Thee Hence as only Ironhail can score it and he is an easy target for your opponent. Death from Afar can be difficult to score in Turn 1 or 2. Victory after Victory was replaced by Combination Strike.


The idea for this deck was to be able to play flex and be able to switch from defensive to aggressive play.


Can you play aggro with 2 move dwarfs? Sure you can. Thundrik has plenty of ways to put his fighters where he want them to be with Spectral Wings, Faneway Crystal, Seek the Skyvessel, Hidden Paths, Ready For Action, or Illusory Fighter.


The presented list gives me a chance to freely adapted to my opponent and situation. Thanks to

Calculated Risk/Shortcut/ Cover Ground + Tome of Glories I can slow down opponent and earn some

glory to prepare fighters. Several times in the first round Alensen ran through a lethal hex straight to the

library to find glory thanks to Tome of Glories.


Three hex shooting range serves well to welcome the aggressive player. In most of the games with

aggressive Warbands like Stormcast Eternals, Godsworn Hunt, and Magore's Fiends I sat back and collect glories as they advances. When I faced defensive player setup can be more aggressive and list have enough power to knock them down. This deck will not outscore defensive players but can score passively to inspire fighters and put more pressure in proceeding rounds.



To successfully run this deck you need to be aware what kind of opponent you are facing. Thanks to

flexibility and high mobility you can easily switch during a game from a full attack or hit and run strategy.

At the end WHU is a dice game so even perfect plan can be spoiled by them. Be aware of that,

calculate risk and plan future moves. Remember a well placed crit can win or lose even a perfect

game. Embrace that and have fun.


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