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Like many people, when the Wurmspat were released, I was caught somewhat off-guard by how deeply average a lot of their cards were. I was also taken aback by how much I enjoyed the models. As someone who fell HARD for Zarbag's Gitz, I immediately recognised those two factors made Wurmspat 'my type'. So from day one, I made it my goal to prove the community's perception was wrong, and that Wurmspat could be a force in Warhammer Underworlds.

I'll state for the record that this is somewhat pigheaded determination(around 40%) but there's around 60% belief- I do think there's potential there. Their stats are amazing. Straight up amazing, and I'm convinced that can push them into a competitive space. Three seasons in, and I feel that the community is likely to agree that, on balance, it's better to have better cards than better stats, but that's not a blanket rule (the knock on Ironskullz Boys has been Hacka and Basha's stats, after all). Adding to that, Fecula is has the requirements (Level 2, Spell Attack) to be an aggressive caster, and those don't grow on trees (apart from Ylthari, of course!).

Their biggest problem, of course, is a truly moribund objective deck. Aside from Seeping Rot, I recommend NONE of their in faction objectives, and even that doesn't make it into my deck. Power cards aren't much better. Steady Advance, Unstoppable Tread and Hulking Physique (oh that this could be played on any of my fighters!!) are all very high quality, but it falls away quickly from there. Perhaps it was my pigheadedness talking, but I decided that the best way to make them viable was control.

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The deck began when I noticed the number of objective cards that reward you for doing nothing - Biding Your Time, Hold What We Have, Fired Up and to a lesser extent, United are all cards that can be scored without spending any resources at all. Yes, oftentimes there is an opportunity cost, and one that can be quite significant, but at least in the early game, these are gimmes.

From there, it was a case of 'how far can I push this?', so the next two that were high on the list were Stand Firm and Team Effort. Stand Firm is excellent, as you're likely to go on guard anyway, and it's a surge. Team Effort is even easier to score, and combos beautifully with Stand Firm, or Quick on Your Feet. Calculated Risk, Frantic Exchance, Strong Start and Unexpected Pitfall are all surges that work well with what I'm trying to achieve.

The Power Deck basically shores up the warband in a number of ways, Gambits lean heavily into ping damage and disruption, while the upgrades are either defensive buffs or glory generation; and Great Strength, because it's literally great.


First off, yes, it's only got twelve glory, but don't worry, between the glory you'll deny the opponent, and the glory generating upgrades, you don't need to worry too much.

I tend to view the deck as having two modes. Against an aggressive deck, you sit back (long board is a great option if you win the roll!), and try to put as much board between them and you, while attempting to score as many of your un-interactive objectives as possible. If you can get an early Tome of Glories or Cryptic Companion, you can sometimes just win off being able to get an early lead then sandbag the opponent for the last two rounds.

Against hoard warbands, who'll generally be playing hold objectives, you're much more aggressive. If you win the roll, choose objectives; if you get given board choice, square up and get ready to take the fight to them (especially grymwatch!) Start by deploying your objectives as far away from them as possible. The idea is that you should be able to make two of them very difficult to sit on and then aim to make the third objective DANGEROUS to sit on. Aggressively mulligan for ping damage, and use it to get some early glory, and inspire as quickly as possible, then unleash Sepsimus. Use your double Distraction and Restless Prize to prevent Supremacy/Dug in. I tend not to bother about stopping In the Name of the King or Temporary Victory - it's too hard to properly counter; and it does you no good to spend a card or two to delay Temporary Victory, only to ship Dug In the next round.

A good opening hand is anything with one of the non-interactive surges in it: Calculated risk, Stand Firm or Frantic Exchange. If you have more than one, you're off to the races. Frantic exchange is actually a very reliable score, if you've got another glory, or you have activations to burn. Draw 1-2 cards early, then wait until your opponent plays a card or two, then use all your ping, and make any upgrades you can.

Quick on Your Feet and Hold What We Have might seem really bad to have put together, but in practice, it works reasonably well - If I've drawn both in my opening hand, I'll prioritize Hold UNLESS the warband is fast or aggro enough that I might realistically lose a fighter before round two.


The deck is still in testing, but it seems to work pretty well. I've played about a dozen or so games with it, and have won a majority of them (I'm scarred by a game vs a Hrothgorn who refused to miss anything!), the big learning curve is that there's very little margin for error, but the games are always fun, surprisingly they seem to be fun for the opponent too!

Please give it a go, I'd love to know how it goes in other metas than mine.




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