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Ylthari's Guardians

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Tabletop - BG Pre-Season


This guide is a part of my Warband Unbound series for the Nightvault factions.


These decks consists only of cards found in the Warband box plus cards from the Power Unbound card pack, and are aimed at giving new players a good starting place to learn the faction and understand the basics of the game.


Be aware that these decks do not hold up against decks made of full collections, and will be unlikely to win any tournaments, but they are good for learning the game, playing casually against similar decks, and can act as a starting point for deck evolution as you obtain more cards.

the deck

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deck building guide

This deck is an aggressive one with a focus on magic.




Most of the objectives focus on casting spells and killing enemy fighters: Overpower, Strange Demise, Song of Hatred, Strike Swiftly, Show No Mercy, Vengeful Revenants, Warning Shot, and Magical Storm.


Reclaim the Lamentiri and Domain Denied rely on the board state at the end of the round, but should be possible with good positioning and target priority.


Lithe Spirits is scored by the fighter's reactions, or by cards like: Upper Hand, Sorcerous Flourish, and Duellist's Speed.


Glade's Last Hope is scored by Ylthari casting spells, and is helped along with cards like Leech Power and Healing Amphora.




The gambits in the deck help your fighters stay alive (Healing Amphora, Last Guardians, Terrifying Visage) or kill enemies (Pangs of the Great Lack, Revenant Rage, Strength of the Burgeoning, Seggut's Salvo, Upper Hand, and Sorcerous Flourish).


Leech Power is a great way to inspire Ylthari, and make Reclaim the Lamentiri easier to score.




The upgrades in this deck generally help your fighters survive longer (Warding Stance, Constant Growth, Spectral Armour, Spiritbond, Eldritch Ward) and do more damage (Spitethorn Arrow, Prized Vendetta, Spiritbond).


Well of Power makes casting spells much easier, and makes Ylthari's attacks much more reliable.


Cage of Thorns helps control the interactions with enemy fighters and work towards keeping Ylthari safe at all costs.


Duellist's Speed allows for some extra mobility, and is a reliable reaction for Lithe Spirits. Just be aware it does share the same window as a number of this Warband's other reactions (anything that is "after an attack action").


Cards to add with other Warband packs:


If you want to expand this deck with cards from other Nightvault Warbands, I'd recommend any of the the following:


Starter box:

  • Great Strength

  • Great Fortitude

  • Sidestep

Zarbag's Gitz

  • Faneway Crystal

  • Potion of Rage

  • Keep Them Guessing

  • Solid Gains

  • Encroaching Shadow

  • Fighter's Ferocity

  • Abasoth's Unmaking

Thundrick's Profiteers:

  • Calculated Risk

  • Sphere of Aqshy

  • Crown of Avarice

Godsworn Hunt:

  • Tome of Offerings

  • Archer's Focus

  • Nullstone Spear

  • Scorched Earth

Eyes of the Nine:

  • Sudden Growth

  • Abasoth's Withering

Garrek's Reavers:

  • Gloryseeker

  • Potion of Constitution


This is a generally aggressive deck with a focus on casting spells and protecting Ylthari.


If Ylthari dies, you lose access to your only source of magic, and a number of cards end up being useless, so deploy carefully and try not to put her in danger until she is inspired and upgraded with things like Well of Power, Eldritch Ward, Spirit Bond, and Spectral Armour.


Use Ahnslaine and Skaethael as bait in the early rounds to take charges you can react to with Ylthari.


Gallanghann can sometimes act as a tank, but be aware that some Warbands can kill him fairly easily with cleave or lots of dice and don't risk him unnecessarily. Godsworn in particular will want to kill Gallanghann as soon as possible to score cards like Worth Kill. Later in the game Gallanghann can become very scary with cards like Warding Stance, Spirit Bond, or Duellist's Speed.


I think that's it for my "Ylthari's Unbound" starter deck guide. Thanks for reading.


If you try it, let me know how it goes in the forum comments.


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